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Plastic surgery procedures that are medically necessary improve the health or function of a person’s body. Many of these procedures are also cosmetic as a secondary function. Issues such as birth defects, injury, disease, and more qualify people to have medically necessary plastic surgery. While in these instances plastic surgery often improves the cosmetic appearance […]

Though October in Texas doesn’t typically feel as crisp as it does in much of the rest of the country, fall events and activities are in full swing. A great way to get out of the house and enjoy the (slightly cooler) weather is at Southlake’s 14th annual Oktoberfest. During the 3-day event from October […]

5 Celebrities Who Are Open About (and Proud of) Their Plastic Surgery Procedures

As a society, we love following celebrities: who they’re dating, who’s had run-ins with the law, and who has had “work done.” Despite the focus on their appearances, celebrities (much like us), aren’t perfect. Gravity and age affect everyone! And many have had plastic surgery procedures to keep themselves looking young, fresh, and ready for […]

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Are You Recovering from a Plastic Surgery Procedure? Check Out These To-Dos!

After plastic surgery, it can be tempting to hop back on your feet to make up for time lost during the procedure, start getting your post-procedure body in shape, and show it off! Here are the top seven things to do when recovering from any plastic surgery procedure: 1. Manage your expectations. Do your best […]

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Where to Show Off Your New Shape and Get Your Dance On!

After a cosmetic surgery procedure, you’ve likely been cooped up in the house recovering. Now that you’re feeling great, where can you go to meet up with friends, blow off some steam, and show off your new shape? Anywhere there’s dancing! From low-key bars to high-energy dance clubs, there are plenty of venues in Plano […]

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