Post Gastric Bypass Makeover Southlake

How Do I Go About Reshaping My Body After Significant Weight Loss?

After weight loss surgery, patients are often discouraged to find that while they have lost a significant amount of weight, their skin has not contracted like the fat has. As a result, patients can be left with loose skin in a variety of places, including their face, arms, breasts, back, abdomen, thighs, etc.. The first step in the process is reaching a stable weight. For a period of time after your weight loss surgery, you will experience a continuous decline in weight. Once you have reached a stable weight, it is time to consider a post-weight-loss makeover.

While there are some consistent features to the post-weight-loss body, there are also many things that are unique to the individual. For some patients, the loose skin in the arms may be the most distressing feature, as it interferes with wearing short sleeves, while for others it may be the skin in the thighs, and still others, the skin in the abdomen. The first thing for patients to understand is that post-weight-loss makeovers are a process and not a single procedure. Each of these areas can be reshaped and improved, and in many cases multiple areas can be reshaped at once, but they can not all be reshaped at once. When you visit with Dr. Obaid or Dr. Ver Halen in their Southlake office to discuss your post-weight-loss makeover, he will listen to you and find out which areas are most concerning in your life. He will then design a custom post-weight-loss makeover that will begin with your most distressing areas and end with your least distressing areas.

What Surgeries Are Usually Performed as Part of the Post-Weight-Loss Makeover?

A post-weight-loss makeover usually consists of a face lift, a breast lift with or without augmentation, an arm lift, an extended tummy tuck, a buttocks lift, and a thigh lift. Some of these procedures can be done in combination with others, depending upon your unique needs and desires. When you meet with your surgeon, he will discuss your goals with you. He will then design a treatment plan that will address your needs in the safest, easiest way possible.

Are Post-Weight-Loss Makeover Surgeries the Same as Those Performed on Patients Without Similar Weight Loss?

Patients who have lost large amounts of weight need different types of correction than patients who present for routine cosmetic surgery. After large weight loss, the skin of the patient is much more lax. It does not heal as well and has a higher chance of stretching over time than the skin of patients who have not had significant weight loss. In addition, weight loss surgery alters nutritional absorption and can leave patients deficient in certain vitamins and minerals necessary for wound healing after the surgery. Finally, patients who have had weight loss surgery are subject to large fluctuations in weight, which can alter the results of their makeovers.

While all of the above factors make the post-weight-loss makeover more challenging than other types of plastic surgery, patients can have confidence that Dr. Obaid and Dr. Ver Halen specialize in post-weight-loss makeovers. They understand the unique challenges and rewards the makeovers present. They will take a careful and personal approach to your makeover, holding your hand throughout the process.


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