Chin Reshaping Southlake

Why Would a Patient Want Chin Reshaping?

The chin is one of the three key central elements of the face, along with the nose and eyes. True beauty requires a balance and proportion to these three central elements. Moreover, a chin that is out of proportion can be more than aesthetically unappealing; it can be associated with a number of stereotypes in our culture.

A chin that is too small can cause one to be perceived as weak, while a prominent chin, especially on a male may be perceived as a sign of strength or power. Too prominent a chin, however, especially on a female, can be unattractive and give one a “witch”-like appearance.

What Are the Reasons for an Out-of-Proportion Chin?

The reasons for an out-of-proportion chin are numerous. When you schedule a one-on-one consultation with a surgeon at North Texas Plastic Surgery, he will examine your entire face and determine what the cause of the facial disharmony is. One of the key elements in evaluating the chin is to evaluate the way a patient’s teeth come together. If this is off, it may be the underlying cause of the chin disproportion. If not, it may be due to abnormal development of the chin. In either case, the patient should seek the evaluation of a craniofacial surgeon, such as Dr. Obaid or Dr. Ver Halen.

Are Chin Implants a Good Idea?

Chin implants are used to mask a small chin, and many surgeons will use them to improve a patient’s appearance. They are a relatively simple fix to the problem of a small chin, but they only cover up the problem temporarily. With time, chin implants erode the already small bone of the chin that lie beneath them. The result is that as time goes by, this bone becomes smaller and weaker. As the bone underneath the implant gets smaller and weaker, the implant itself moves backwards causing the return of a small appearing chin.

For these reasons, Dr. Obaid and Dr. Ver Halen both recommend correcting the actual problem, which is the small bone of the chin. Your surgeon makes a small fracture of the bone and advances the chin bone itself, causing a natural correction of the problem.

What Should I Expect After I Schedule My Consultation?

Dr. Obaid or Dr. Ver Halen will meet one-on-one with you. Your surgeon will discuss your concerns and goals and examine your chin. Afterwards, he will explain the chin reshaping operation to you in detail. He will design a customized operation to fit your chin and your concerns. Your surgeon will answer all your questions and explain to you everything to expect on the day of surgery and during the recovery process.

On the morning of surgery, your surgeon will meet with you again and go over everything that will happen. He will make sure that all your questions are answered, as are the questions of your loved ones. The surgery itself is a day surgery procedure, and you will be able to go home in the afternoon on the day of surgery. You will be able to eat and drink following the surgery.

Your surgeon will see you one week following surgery to make sure you are healing well. All your incisions will be inside the mouth with dissolving stitches. As a result, there will be no painful stitches to remove and no dressings to change. You will be looking good and feeling great about your new chin!


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