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Why Should I Consider a Rhinoplasty?

The nose is the central most feature on the face. It is one of the first things that people notice when they look at us. It is also one of the first things that we notice in the mirror. Unfortunately, when many of us look in the mirror, we notice something less than perfect. Our noses may not be straight, they may be too large or too small for our faces, or they may not be as refined as the rest of our features. When we point this out to our friends or family, they may dismiss our concerns, but it does not make them any less real. There is no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed about not liking some feature of your nose. If you are unhappy about some portion of your nose’s appearance, Dr. Obaid can meet with you in the comfort and privacy of his Southlake or Plano office to discuss what options are available to you.

What Will My Nose Look Like After Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty differs from every other type of plastic surgery in that the actual technical operation is very different based upon the starting appearance of the nose. When you meet Dr. Obaid, he will examine your nose and discuss with you your goals for the operation. Almost any change can be performed in a nose’s appearance, and Dr. Obaid will listen to you and design the nose that is right for you! He will also be honest with you and tell you what limitations there are to the surgery. If he thinks something will not look right with your face, he will tell you that as well. Together, Dr. Obaid and you will design a plan that will have you looking and feeling great.

What Will My Recovery Be Like?

Dr. Obaid will perform your rhinoplasty surgery as an outpatient procedure. You will be comfortable and able to return home the afternoon of your surgery. Most patients will have to wear a small splint over the top of their nose and have small stents placed inside the nose. Because of these stents you may feel like you have a stuffed up nose for the first five days after the procedure. One week following your rhinoplasty, Dr. Obaid will see you back in his office and remove the splint and small stents. You will still have some swelling at this time, but you will really begin to see your new nose taking shape. Dr. Obaid recommends that his patients take two weeks off from work if possible to allow the swelling and bruising from the procedure to improve before returning to work.

Will I Be Able to Breathe Better?

Many patients have problems breathing through their noses because of anatomic defects within the nose such as a deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy or nasal valve collapse. During your consultation, Dr. Obaid will ask you about any breathing difficulty that you may have and will examine the key parts of the nose that control breathing. If you have a deviated septum or other anatomical blockage to breathing through the nose, Dr. Obaid will correct this at the same time as performing your surgery.

What If I Have Broken My Nose in the Past?

Many patients have had trauma to their nose from falls, car accidents, etc and have suffered broken noses. This can result in a significant cosmetic deformity as the nose may no longer appear straight or it may appear broader and less defined than before. More importantly, the internal anatomy of the nose may be altered causing a patient to have problems breathing out of one side of the nose. All of these problems can be corrected during your rhinoplasty. Dr. Obaid is a specialist in nasal reconstruction and can restore not only your breathing but also the appearance of your nose.

What Makes Dr. Obaid’s Approach Unique?

Dr. Obaid believes that no two noses start the same and no two noses should end up looking the same. Dr. Obaid is able to take such a unique approach because he has the experience of not only being a plastic surgeon, but also a craniofacial surgeon. As a craniofacial surgeon, Dr. Obaid has worked on some of the world’s most unique noses that were malformed at birth. This experience allows Dr. Obaid to take a totally unique approach to your nose surgery. He will customize a rhinoplasty that is specific for your unique and beautiful face, and one that will leave you excited and confident.

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