Chin Augmentation Becoming More Popular

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, chin augmentation rates rose 71% in 2011. This makes chin augmentation one of the fastest growing procedures nationwide. People are starting to realize what a critical role the chin plays in our appearance. For a man, a stout chin is associated with power and strength. For women, a well defined chin can help shape the jaw line giving the woman an overall slimmer, movie star quality look.

What are the options for Chin Augmentation?

The first option is a chin implant. These are firm pieces of silicone or similar synthetic materials such as Medpor. The advantages to using an implant for your chin surgery are simple. It provides the quickest and easiest recovery. The surgery takes about an hour and people are usually back to work two days later. The pain is minimal and the only hindrance to going back to work is some mild bruising.

The second option is to advance your existing chin. This means making a tiny cut in your bone and pulling your chin forward. The advantages to this are simple. It is your own bone and it is permanent. You never have to worry about having the implant changed in the future nor do you have to worry that it won’t look as good over time. The downside is there is a little more post-operative discomfort. The surgery takes about an hour and a half. You will go home the same day and be back to work 5 days later.

Why has my doctor never talked to me about using my own bone to augment my chin?

I am not only a plastic surgeon, but I have done additional fellowship training in craniofacial surgery, a sub-specialty of plastic surgery that deals with treating the facial bones. As a result, moving the facial bones is a daily occurrence in my practice, and I am quite comfortable with it. Very few plastic surgeons have this specialization and training, and thus very few feel comfortable performing what for them can be an intimidating operation.

What about scars? Will people know that I have had work done?

Many surgeons make an incision underneath the chin to place the implants. I prefer to make no incision on the face that is noticeable. The only incision that I make is on the inside of the mouth where no one will ever see the scar!

What about my neck? It looks like I have a double chin all the time.

When we use your own bone to pull the chin forward, we have the side benefit of pulling on the neck skin and musculature tightening up the jaw line and improving the look of your neck. If there is a small amount of fat that is contributing to the double chin appearance, I will liposuction this at the same time to help give you a sculpted and defined neck line.

If you are considering a chin augmentation, please give us a call and we can see you in our Southlake or Plano plastic surgery office. If you are not from the Dallas or Fort Worth area, give us a call and we can help arrange airport and hotel accommodations.

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