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Good Morning Texas, 04-26-10
Dr. Obaid sits down with new family of Baby Don on Good Morning Texas.

News 8, 02-23-10
Dr. Obaid sends baby Don home to foster mom with new jaw.

CBS 11, 02-23-10
Dr. Obaid releases baby born with no jaw home to foster mother.

News 8, 12-29-09
“Don was a little baby with no jaw, for whom every breath was a struggle,” explained Dr. Sacha Obaid, the baby’s surgeon.

NBC DFQ, 12-30-09
Dr. Obaid rebuilds toddler’s face.

News 8, 12-23-09
Dr. Obaid is set to perform surgery on infant born with no chin on Christmas Eve.

CBS 11, 12-25-09
Dr. Obaid gives orphan a new jaw.

CBS 11, Dallas, 11-26-09
Dr. Obaid helps toddler gain speech by a unique surgery.

CBS 11, Dallas, 2009
Dr. Obaid Transforms Baby Born With Rare Facial Anomaly

Channel 10 KWTX, Killeen, 2009
Dr. Obaid Featured for Rebuilding Face of Baby Born with Rare Disorder

7-Month-Old Baby Gets New Face

Copperas Cove
Infant Recovers from First Facial Cleft Surgery

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