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CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical fat removal treatment that gets rid of unwanted fat deposits without the need for invasive plastic surgery and anesthesia. Our Med Spa at North Texas Plastic Surgery offers CoolSculpting® for multiple body areas. Learn more about this revolutionary technology in the infographic below, and check out our before and after gallery to view CoolSculpting® results from real patients.


Top 4 Cosmetic Procedures With The Least Downtime

Our hectic schedules shouldn’t stop us from looking our best, and this freedom shouldn’t be limited to skincare and wardrobe either! Women on the go, however, think twice about their body enhancement dreams, thinking they won’t have weeks to spend in recovery.

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coolsculpting fat reduction dallas plano southlake texasFor some people who have small deposits of stubborn fat, sometimes diet and exercise just aren’t enough. This can be especially true for those who are in their 30s or older; as the body’s metabolism naturally begins to slow down, making it harder to burn that fat even with a healthy, active lifestyle.

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