5 Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Done Right

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By Sacha Obaid

Many people shy away from plastic surgery because they’re worried about looking fake or “plastic.” However, with the right procedure, and the right plastic surgeon, you could be thrilled with your results. If you want to make a few subtle changes to your appearance without losing your natural beauty, take note from a few celebrity plastic surgeries done right!

1. Jennifer Aniston: Rhinoplasty

Jennifer Aniston’s nose job is one of the most well-known and well-done in Hollywood. Performed to correct a deviated septum (a nose-defect making it difficult to breathe), her rhinoplasty–a regular talking point of her 90’s hit sitcom “Friends”–led many young women to visit their plastic surgeons and ask for the “Jennifer Aniston nose.” While her nose may have been corrected purely to assist her breathing, it looks fantastic. By only narrowing the bridge of her nose slightly, Aniston increased the symmetry of her face, and didn’t lose her natural beauty.

2. Ashlee Simpson: Rhinoplasty

Ashlee Simpson was the victim of one too many jokes about her nose when she decided to have a rhinoplasty in 2006. After rising to fame in 2003 in her sister Jessica’s shadow, Ashlee decided to remove the bump in her nose for purely cosmetic reasons. While the change was slightly drastic, her new nose suits her face perfectly. When questioned about it afterwards, she said everyone has the right to make a decision about their own appearance. She made a great decision, and it paid off.

3. Jane Fonda: Face Lift

Jane Fonda still looks fabulous in her 70s, and she does not hesitate to admit that plastic surgery has played a part in her youthful appearance. By embracing her laugh lines and only lifting her eyes and jawline slightly, she has retained a natural look. Fonda proves that aging gracefully doesn’t mean avoiding your plastic surgeon’s office.

4. Queen Latifah: Breast Reduction

celebrity plastic surgeriesAfter losing 25 pounds in the early 2000s, Queen Latifah’s breasts remained the same size and were no longer accommodated by her slimmer frame. In 2003 she chose to have tissue removed from her breasts to relieve pressure on her back and shoulders, reducing them from an E or F cup to a DD cup. Not only is her new size more comfortable for her back, but it looks completely natural and is perfect for her curvaceous figure.

5. Kathy Griffin: A Little Bit of Everything

Kathy Griffin has undergone a laundry list of cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, multiple liposuction procedures, and a brow lift. While this may sound like a lot, the changes were all subtle, leaving her looking fresh and renewed. Her nose was only reduced slightly, and the liposuction to her arms and stomach left her looking toned, but not emaciated. Her very public approach to her procedures has inspired women everywhere that they do not need to be ashamed to have a little nip and tuck.

These celebrities prove that plastic surgery doesn’t have to be drastic in order to enhance your natural beauty. By making a few changes here and there, they were able to increase their self-confidence and, in some cases, their health.

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