Buttock Augmentation Myths Debunked

Dr. Sacha Obaid, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Dallas, Plano, Southlake, and Nearby Fort Worth, Texas


By Sacha Obaid

The rate of cosmetic procedures to enhance the appearance of the butt is on the rise, including both surgical and non-surgical methods. If you are thinking about having some work done on your backside, you are doing the right thing by researching these procedures online.

But can you believe everything you read? To help you wade through this mass of material found online about these procedures, we have pulled out a few of the most common myths about buttock augmentation procedures so that we can set the record straight.

Surgery can’t beat genetics

While there is always a limit to what surgery can achieve, significant and satisfying results are a real possibility for practically every qualified patient. It is important, however, to be realistiac about your goals and expectations. In fact, your surgeon will have detailed conversations with you about your motivations for surgery and the results you anticipate, in order to make sure that you are not misinformed about the procedure.

The risks are too high

It is certainly true that all medical procedures carry a certain risk; no one is debating that. But it is not true that buttock augmentation procedures carry any specific or elevated risk relative to other procedures. The risks of cosmetic surgery on your backside are the same that apply for breast enhancement or a tummy tuck, and will be an important part of conversations with your doctor as you plan for your procedure. In addition, it is important to realize that there are now many minimally invasive approaches available that offer comparable results to many traditional techniques, and further reduce risks.

Results don’t pay off

Some are concerned that buttock augmentation surgery leads to dissatisfaction because results are not durable. While this would be a legitimate concern if it were true, the patient ratings don’t lie. Depending on the procedure, patients posting on realself.com rate buttock augmentation procedures as anywhere from 63% to over 90% “Worth It.” This shows that the majority of people that undergo buttock augmentation surgery are thrilled with their results.

An easy weight loss technique

One thing that surgeries, like butt lifts and fat transfers, absolutely do NOT do is help you lose weight. These procedures move tissue from one location to another, greatly enhancing the shape and proportion of your thighs and butt. Typically, however, very little tissue is actually removed, and net weight loss from a procedure is usually only a few pounds. This speaks to the power of the surgery, showing the incredible enhancement that is possible.