Exercise After Breast Augmentation and Other Post-Op Exercise Tips

Dr. Sacha Obaid, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Dallas, Plano, Southlake, and Nearby Fort Worth, Texas


By Sacha Obaid

Plastic surgery is all about getting the body you want. Your post-op exercise routine, on the other hand, is all about keeping those valuable results.

To get the most out of your procedure, it’s important to perform the targeted workout routine required to protect and preserve the sleek new you. Check out our suggestions below for how long to wait after your procedure before exercising, as well as how to get moving again once recovery is complete.

General Post-Op Guidelines

The most important guideline to follow, of course, is to stick closely to the post-op recovery instructions provided to you by your surgeon. Their advice will take into account the kind of procedure you’ve had, your physical condition leading up to the surgery, and your likely recuperation time. For the first few days after surgery you will definitely need to take it easy, with minimal physical activity. After that, for at least two to three weeks, only very light exercise is usually recommended. It is more important during this phase to let your body heal completely, so make sure to get lots of rest until the recovery process is complete.

After Breast Augmentation

In order to prevent scarring around the implant, also known as capsular contracture, it is very important to minimize use of the upper body for at least four weeks following your procedure. With that said, you may certainly continue exercises like lunges, squats, and light cardio as long as the breast tissue is not stressed. You should be wearing some extra support garments during the recovery period; this is absolutely essential during workouts. Once your doctor has cleared you, make sure to slowly build back up to your pre-op routine.

After Liposuction or Tummy Tuck

For liposuction, you should be able to return to a light workout routine after about two weeks of minimal activity. In fact, it may actually improve the long-term results of your procedure to resume your normal workouts once you’re ready. After a couple of weeks of performing light cardio while wearing a compression garment, you should be able to resume normal workouts, including weight lifting or running.

While you will be back in action soon after your lipo procedure, tummy tucks and other abdominoplasty procedures require a much longer recovery time because these surgeries cut the abdominal muscles. Start out with a couple weeks of light resistance training, then gradually mix in some core exercises like sit ups or crunches. Definitely clear your workout routine with your surgeon before you do anything too strenuous.

After Facial Procedures

exercise after breast augmentationAnything that elevates blood flow, such as strenuous exercise, can increase swelling in your face. As such, you should take it very easy for at least four weeks after your procedure, at which point you can proceed to perform light cardio for a couple of weeks. Then, if you are comfortable and there are no signs of trouble, gradually return to your pre-op exercise routine. Listen to your body; if something hurts, slow down or stop.

After Butt Lifts

There may be an extended period, up to six weeks, during which you will have trouble getting around. You need to let your body heal so that the results of your procedure won’t be compromised, but as soon as you are able, it is important to start working on toning your butt muscles. Light workouts on a stair climber are a great way to get you moving again. Once you are feeling confident, also get back into squats, lunges, running, biking, and other intense lower body workouts to keep your buttocks trim and toned.