How to Minimize Tummy Tuck Scars

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By Sacha Obaid

If you’re considering a professional tummy tuck, it’s important to minimize excessive scarring in order to achieve optimal results. Luckily, in this day and age we have exceptional procedures and state of the art surgical techniques that will allow you to heal faster than ever before. The treatments performed can help reduce the overall appearance of any post-procedural tummy tuck scars. Besides choosing the right plastic surgeon, it’s also important to plan ahead by taking care of your skin as you go through the many stages of healing. A tummy tuck is a rewarding procedure but one that must be taken seriously as it is a surgery. By taking the proper steps to ensure minimal scarring, you’ll be rewarded with the results you’ve been trying to achieve all along.

Always Protect Your Skin

Ultraviolet rays, produced by the sun, are one of the leading causes of skin damage. The sun’s effects will darken, or at times redden, any scarring that occurs after having a tummy tuck procedure. By wearing sunscreen, each and every day, you can reduce your chances of any increased pigmentation. If your scar tissue remains light in color as it heals, its appearance will be much softer than when tummy tuck scars are exposed to excessive light. The most important time to wear sunscreen is during the first year of healing following your tummy tuck procedure. The initial healing takes place during this year and is a crucial period to prevent scar formation.

Protect Your Skin

When you’re healing from a tummy tuck procedure your skin cells will be working overtime in order to replenish themselves. When your surgical wound is covered with an ointment, it will prevent unwanted exposure to oxygen which in turn affects the final appearance of your scar by up to 30%.

Maintain Healthy Habits

If you’re a smoker, there’s never been a better time to quit than now. Smoking will drastically decrease your immune system’s fighting power and also slow down the healing process. When patients continue to smoke after a surgical procedure, their healing capabilities are dramatically altered which can result in possible infection or excessive scarring. By keeping your body healthy, you gain a better defense system that is capable of fighting off infections, diseases, and a host of other health ailments. You can also increase your healing power by eating right, exercising, and having a consistent sleeping schedule.

Apply a Professional Treatment

Once the wound has completely healed, it’s recommended to use a topical medical grade silicone cream on the affected area. Biocorneum is a great option, as it also has sunscreen to protect your incision from darkening due to the sun’s UV rays. These treatments, along with other professional products, will help reduce the appearance of scars. Many different factors will determine your scar’s appearance and include genetics, surgical techniques, skin characteristics, and your body’s healing capabilities.

By using these techniques and treatments to prevent tummy tuck scarring, you can be proud to show off your new look without the added stress of excessive scarring. Healthy habits and conscientious efforts will both aid in the best possible outcome for your tummy tuck procedure.

Helpful tips on ways to reduce plastic surgery scarring and steps you can take to minimize the appearance of scars resulting from a tummy tuck procedure.