New Breast Implants Technology: IDEAL IMPLANTS & Fat Transfer

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Breast augmentation is a highly popular cosmetic procedure. In fact, in 2013 The American Society of Plastic Surgeons named it the number-one cosmetic surgical procedure. Because of its popularity, many surgeons and researchers are hard at work on new ways to improve the results of breast augmentation procedures.

What are the new breast implants technologies you need to know about? Find out here!

ideal implantsBreast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

This procedure is a way to increase the size and improve the shape of your breasts by transferring your own fat from elsewhere on your body to your breasts. Prior to the use of this procedure, saline or silicone implants were the only option for people who wanted breast augmentations.

A breast augmentation with fat transfer is carried out in three stages.

  • Stage 1 — Unwanted fat is removed via liposuction from parts of the body such as the hips, thighs, or buttocks. The places from which fat is removed are decided on when you have your initial consultation with your surgeon.
  • Stage 2 — The fat that has been removed is purified. This means that it is prepared by the surgeon, who washes it in a special solution to help improve the results of the transfer.
  • Stage 3 — In the final stage the surgeon implants the purified fat into your breasts. This is done very carefully to give your breasts the shape and size you desire.

The technique used in a breast augmentation with fat transfer is also called “fat grafting.” It’s been in use by plastic surgeons since the 1990s, but until recently was not widely used to enhance a woman’s breasts. One of the main reasons for this is that a fat transfer is most suitable for women who want only a small increase in cup size. For women who want an increase of more than one or two cup sizes, implants are a better option.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer does have some advantages over implants. Since the patient’s own fat is used, the breasts have a very natural look and feel once the patient has healed. Another advantage is the ability to avoid the problems that implants can cause, such as wrinkling, folding, and implant rupture.

An Alternative to the Traditional: IDEAL IMPLANTS

For many people who aren’t sure about breast implants, there are two common issues that hold them back.

  1. They’ve heard that breast implants—in particular silicone implants—may rupture and cause health problems.
  2. They’re concerned that implants may cause their breasts to feel unnatural to the touch, which is a common perception with saline implants.

Because of the above concerns, some people don’t prefer saline or silicone implants, but these have traditionally been the only two kinds of implants available to those who want to enhance their breasts in this way.

The IDEAL IMPLANT, also known as a structured breast implant, was designed to solve both of these issues. IDEAL IMPLANTS are filled with saline but have a special new design that makes them feel and behave more like real breast tissue.

The Ideal breast implant design was developed after years of research and testing. It is similar to a traditional breast implant, but there are three extra shells around the implant. In a breast implant, a shell is the coating that encloses the saline or silicone. With three more shells in the IDEAL IMPLANT design, the saline inside the implant is less likely to move in abnormal ways. This gives the implants a more natural look and feel.

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Extra shells also make it less likely that the implants will wrinkle or fold. These are issues that sometimes occur in saline implants, and they can cause the breasts to appear abnormal. When wrinkling or folding happens, the breasts themselves can appear wrinkled. The only way to solve this is often to remove or replace the implants. IDEAL IMPLANTS have a stronger internal structure, thanks to the extra shells, and this prevents wrinkling and folding.

Finally, by adding the extra shells, the risk that the implants will rupture or deflate is greatly reduced. This also makes it less likely that another procedure will be needed to remove or exchange the implants.

Overall, the IDEAL IMPLANT design combines many of the good points of both saline and silicone implants. The special shell design means that the breasts look and feel more natural and aren’t subject to problems like wrinkling. And since these implants are filled with saline rather than silicone, an implant rupture shouldn’t cause any health problems.

Breast Augmentation and The Future of Plastic Surgery

Where is research on breast augmentation headed next? What new technologies will give women the opportunity to achieve their desired looks? New developments are happening all the time! One such development involves improving the fat-transfer process by transferring stem cells into the breasts along with fat. Researches are also developing a new kind of silicone surface, which has been designed to reduce the risk of post-operative complications.

The popularity of breast augmentation means that there’s plenty of research going into making improvements. But these kinds of developments aren’t just significant for breast augmentation. Many improvements made to breast augmentation procedures can be applied to other cosmetic surgery procedures as well! Stem cell transfer, for example, could be used to improve any kind of fat transfer procedure, including the Brazilian butt lift.

Because the improvements made to breast augmentation can be applied to other procedures, breast augmentation research has an important place in the future of plastic surgery as a whole.

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