Liposuction Step-by-Step

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By Sacha Obaid

Liposuction may seem like a familiar and relatively straightforward process, but like all medical procedures it requires very precise techniques and careful planning in order to achieve the most desirable results.

To get the most out of liposuction, you should be well-informed about the steps involved. This will enable you to have a satisfying consultation with your doctor and to be confident that you will get the results you are after. Our overview below covers the major steps that are common to any liposuction procedure.

Liposuction Step-by-Step: Planning the Procedure

As with any procedure, having a close consultation with your surgeon is critical to achieving the desired results. Once you have expressed your goals and expectations for liposuction, your surgeon will make it clear to you how the planned surgery will address them, including a discussion of the techniques involved, the anesthesia to be used, and how to prepare for both surgery and recovery.

Administering Anesthesia

A very important decision that has to be made prior to any liposuction procedure is the selection of the type of anesthetic provided to the patient. There are several options, including local-only, light sedation, and general anesthesia. All of these options should result in totally pain-free surgery.

Making Incisions

liposuction step-by-stepAfter anesthesia has been administered and the surgery site has been prepared, the procedure can begin. One or several small incisions are made in the skin covering the fatty tissue that is going to be removed. After surgery, these tiny incisions can typically be closed with minimal to no scarring.

Fat Removal

Once the skin is opened, an additional anesthetic will be injected to provide additional pain relief to the surgical site. This solution also reduces bleeding and helps the surgeon remove the fat with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. A small hollow tube called a cannula is then inserted and suction is applied. The surgeon moves the cannula around within the incision site in a carefully targeted manner to suction the fat deposits that are planned for removal.

Closing Incisions

Once the intended fat deposits have been successfully removed, the surgeon will complete the procedure by carefully closing each incision site. In some cases, drains may be left in some of the incisions to help reduce post-operative swelling. Stitches used to close the incisions will usually dissolve within two weeks, but may sometimes need to be removed during a later visit to the doctor’s office.

Recovery Begins

The full length of the recovery period depends on the extent of the procedure, but in most cases will last between four to six weeks. During this time, the patient will be asked to wear compression garments and to refrain from strenuous activity in order to promote healing. Once this recuperation process is complete and swelling has subsided, your new and improved body will be ready for display!

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