Lower Body Lift: Everything You Need to Know

Dr. Sacha Obaid, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Dallas, Plano, Southlake, and Nearby Fort Worth, Texas


By Sacha Obaid

Are you looking for a sleeker lower body? Have you dropped a lot of weight but still feel burdened by flabby skin? Would you like to look in the mirror and admire the contours of your hips and waist? A lower body lift procedure might be right for you! This guide explains what you can expect from a body lift, helping you to determine if it just might be what your body needs.

What is a body lift?

A lower body lift is a surgical procedure designed to reshape the lower body and remove loose skin, firming up the thighs, buttocks, hips and waistline. It is often completed in combination with a tummy tuck, among other procedures, to create an overall toned look. By targeting multiple areas of the body all at once, it keeps you from having to undergo multiple surgeries to achieve the same result—allowing you to get back to your daily routine quicker than you could have imagined.

lower body liftAm I a candidate for a lower body lift?

A lower body lift is perfect for someone who lost a substantial amount of weight and now has excess sagging skin. The primary goal of this procedure is not to remove fat, but to restore the elasticity of skin that was lost due to aging or significant changes in weight.

Women who are pregnant or plan to become pregnant are not recommended to have this procedure since it will diminish lasting results. Candidates for the procedure should also be non-smokers in reasonably good health.

What is the procedure like?

A lower body lift usually takes about four to five hours to complete. Incisions will be made 360 degrees around your torso. Skin and some excess fat will be removed from the abdomen and the remaining skin will be pulled upwards. The buttocks is also lifted upwards and tightened from the same incision.

Depending on your individual needs, additional skin can be tightened from the outer or inner thighs, or buttocks. You may choose to have additional liposuction on any region, as well. Finally, drains will be placed under the incisions to help facilitate the healing process and prevent the buildup of fluids.

What will my recovery be like?

After a lower body lift, there may be some swelling and discomfort. To minimize pain, bandages and compression garments should be worn throughout recovery process. Most patients can return to work in a few weeks, but need to refrain from strenuous activity for about four to six weeks.

What results can I expect?

While it may take several months to see the full effects of the surgery, your overall body shape will be greatly improved. As long as you have your surgery performed by a highly respected plastic surgeon, and follow your surgeon’s instructions during recovery, you can expect to enjoy the results of your lower body lift procedure for a long time to come.