What to Do While Recovering from Plastic Surgery: 9 Fun Ideas

Dr. Sacha Obaid, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Dallas, Plano, Southlake, and Nearby Fort Worth, Texas


By Sacha Obaid

Choosing to have plastic surgery is a huge step towards having the look you desire…..congratulations! So what to do while recovering from plastic surgery? There are many things to look forward to after the procedure, but don’t forget you’ll have a little downtime as your body recovers.

To help you get ready, we have put together a list of great ways to spend that down time. Although we have also included some productivity-enhancing suggestions, many of these are also great ways to zone out when you need to disconnect for a while. Take a look, be prepared, and before you know it, the new, improved, you will be ready to go!

1. Catch up on your reading.

Set up a list of books from a genre you know you will like, but also include a few books by an author or genre that you have not tried before.

2. Explore new music.

Help the time go by with some fresh new tunes. Services like Pandora® and Spotify® do a great job of generating playlists based on your preferences, which will eliminate uncomfortable movement of your hands during music searches.

3. Binge watch.

This is a great excuse to finally sign up with a TV streaming service and binge watch all the series episodes you have missed over the last few years. These services almost always offer a free trial to get you started.

4. Start a project.

You probably have hundreds of photos that have been piling up in a completely disorganized mess of files, on your phone or computer. During your recovery you can take some time putting together an album using services like Adorama or Snapfish.

5. Take inventory of your home.

Make a list of all the tasks that need attention. Post it in a prominent place, and commit to working through it… as soon as you’re back on your feet, that is.

6. Review your finances.

Go over your savings, retirement accounts, stocks, and, as painful as it might be, your credit card history. Get a sense of your monthly spending too, as there are always places where you can cut back in your budget, if you take the time to look!

7. Practice spiritual healing.

Whatever your belief system, quiet moments at home are an opportunity to reflect on your values and the way you can be better connected to them. Read scripture, pray, or meditate to reconnect to your spiritual self.

what to do while recovering from plastic surgery8. Start your physical recovery.

Your surgeon should provide you with clear instructions, along with some physical therapy, to help you while you’re recovering from plastic surgery. Be sure to check with your doctor before you take on anything too strenuous.

9. Relax!

More than anything else, you need to chill out if you are going to be able to achieve a speedy, complete recovery. Don’t try to do too much; focus on drinking lots of fluids, eating well, and getting plenty of rest and before you know it, you will be out showing off the amazing new you!