Breast Implant Warranties

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Breast augmentation is a substantial investment in several ways. It takes a toll on your body, your time, and most of all, your wallet. When you’re choosing what type of implant, it’s important to understand the warranty that’s included with your saline or silicone breast implants. All of the options we offer include warranties, which can help you breathe easier while you prepare for the procedure, knowing that you’re covered in the event of capsular contracture, implant rupture, and any other issues that may arise in the decades following your breast implant surgery.

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We work with several manufacturers of breast implants including Allergan, Sientra, IDEAL, and Mentor. Each implant includes a warranty that gives you a replacement implant and helps with replacement or corrective surgery costs. Overall, saline implants have a lifetime replacement policy for deflation and Memory Gel silicone implants have a similar plan.

Allergan Breast Implant Warranty

Natrelle® INSPIRA® Breast Implants are manufactured by the international conglomerate, Allergen and are “gummy” implants, which utilize a cohesive gel to provide a thicker consistency. This option offers a fuller feel, and the complimentary ConfidencePlus® warranty covers implant replacement for rupture for a lifetime. The plan provides up to $3,500 for a replacement surgery for the first 10 years following your original breast augmentation.

In case of capsular contracture (implant hardening caused by excess scar tissue), Allergan’s warranty provides an implant replacement for 10 years. However, if you choose Natrelle® saline breast implants, you’ll need to purchase an additional $200 warranty to cover replacements for deflation and replacement surgery cost of up to $2,400 for the first decade as well. Allergan does not cover implant replacement from another manufacturer.

Sientra Breast Implant Warranty

These implants are also called “gummy bear” implants similar to Allergan’s products. The Sientra OPUS™ implants offer a natural feel with more security with the high-strength cohesive gel inside the silicone shell. While most warranties lapse after 10 years, Sientra offers implant replacement for ruptures for 20 years, and the manufacturer provides replacement implants for a lifetime no matter the circumstances.

If your implant breaks within the first two years after your breast augmentation procedure, Sientra not only gives you free replacement implants but will also pay $2,000 (up to $5,000 in some cases) towards your replacement or corrective breast surgery.

Mentor Breast Implant Warranty

Breast Implant Warranties | North Texas Plastic Surgery | Dallas

This manufacturing company makes several forms of Mentor breast implants such as MemoryShape®, MemoryGel®, saline, and silicone options. Mentor also provides a sizing system to help you figure out which breast size will look best on your frame along with other products. Mentor offers a basic 10-year limited warranty, which includes $3,500 toward corrective surgery and a replacement implant for capsular contracture. However, Mentor does not provide financial coverage for that complication.

Mentor does offer an extended warranty plan that does cover $3,500 of the price for replacement surgery, which costs $300.

IDEAL Breast Implant Warranty

IDEAL breast implants give you a natural look and feel without silicone gel. These implants have a series of shells held together in two chambers that contain the saline filling. This internal structure gives a firmer feel than traditional saline implants with a decreased risk of rippling and deflation. The manufacturing company stands behind their product with a 10-year warranty that covers implant rupture with a replacement implant and $3,500 toward surgical expenses. IDEAL covers capsular contracture on a limited basis—A free replacement within the first 10 years, but no money for surgery.

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North Texas Plastic Surgery has a variety of options to choose from for breast augmentation with implants, and we hope you feel more confident in your procedure knowing these manufacturing companies stand by their products and are committed to your results. Which type of implant is right for you will depend on several factors and should be discussed with Dr. Obaid or Dr. Bedolla during your initial appointment.



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