IDEAL Breast Implants

Dr. Sacha Obaid, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Serving Dallas, Plano, Southlake, and Nearby Fort Worth, Texas

IDEAL IMPLANT PREMIER SURGEONThe IDEAL IMPLANT® was designed by a Dallas plastic surgeon who wanted to create a better kind of saline breast implant. Saline implants are often preferred in breast augmentations because saline is nothing more than salt water! Should a rupture occur, saline in the body is harmless.

The problem with traditional saline implants has been that they don’t have the same natural look and feel that silicone can provide.

While new on the market, having obtained FDA approval in 2014, IDEAL patented saline implants could be the answer women are looking for. The IDEAL BREAST IMPLANT was created to combine the benefits of saline and silicone, resulting in the safety of a saline implant with the look and feel of silicone.

Fast Facts about IDEAL IMPLANTS

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • In clinical use since 2009
  • Approved by the FDA and Health Canada

The 3 Important Advantages of IDEAL IMPLANTS

Until recently, saline and silicone implants were the only two options available to women looking to boost their bust lines. The new IDEAL BREAST  IMPLANTS that are now available make saline look and feel like it never has before.

These new implants have three distinct advantages over other kinds of saline implants:

  • Their design – IDEAL IMPLANTS are different because they have a special new design that is better able to control the movement of the saline inside the implant. IDEAL IMPLANTS are also called “structured breast implants” because their structure is the feature that makes them feel and move more like natural breast tissue. They’ve been specially contoured to fit the natural curve of the chest wall.
  • Their shells – Traditional saline implants are made up of an inflatable shell that has saline inside it. The IDEAL IMPLANT has multiple shells rather than just one, with saline in between each shell layer. This means that the saline can move freely, but not so freely that the implants behave abnormally. As a result, the implants feel more natural and move in more natural ways.Extra shells as part of the design have another advantage: It means that the implants are less likely to fold or wrinkle. These are two problems that sometimes occur with saline implants and can make the breasts themselves look wrinkled or assume an abnormal shape. With IDEAL IMPLANTS, the strength and support added by the extra layers of shells prevents wrinkling and folding.
  • Their safety – Those extra shells mentioned above also reduce the risk that IDEAL BREAST IMPLANTS will deflate or rupture. With any implants, these are relatively rare problems, but when they do happen, it usually means that the implants need to be removed or replaced. The special structure of IDEAL IMPLANTS vastly reduces the risk of this happening, since several shells would need to break to cause a rupture or deflation. If they do break, the saline inside is harmless to the body.

IDEAL IMPLANTS are available in sizes up to 675 cc. All implants have a minimum of three shells. Larger-sized implants have one or two additional “baffle” shells that help ensure that these larger implants still move and feel like natural breasts.

The IDEAL Warranty

IDEAL IMPLANTS have a limited warranty that covers certain specific problems. These include shell failure that causes implant rupture or deflation and loss of integrity of the shell or of the valve that closes the implant.

In the event of a covered problem occurring, the warranty provides replacement implants. It also covers up to $2,400 in out-of-pocket surgery expenses that aren’t covered by the patient’s insurance.

At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we’re happy to offer IDEAL IMPLANTS to all of our patients seeking to enhance their breasts with an option that’s safe and feels natural. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us at 817-416-8080 for a free consultation!