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Jeuveau in Dallas

Jeuveau in Dallas

Dallas woman shows off youthful results after injectable treatment Jeuveau™ is a new, FDA-approved injectable that addresses glabellar lines found between the eyebrows, known as “frown lines.” These moderate to severe wrinkles are a frustrating part of the aging process, but Jeuveau™ can temporarily improve the appearance of these lines. Jeuveau™ is nicknamed “Newtox,” as it’s a similar option to BOTOX® Cosmetic.

This injectable product is the first of its kind to hit the market in nearly a decade. It’s been studied in conjunction with BOTOX® Cosmetic to establish efficacy and safety. At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of injectables to treat multiple areas of the face that have lost volume and developed lines and wrinkles. Our Dallas, Plano, and Southlake offices are among the first to offer this exclusive treatment.

If you’re interested in Jeuveau™ or another injectable, please contact our board-certified plastic surgeon in Dallas today to schedule your consultation. North Texas Plastic Surgery offers surgical procedures and Medical Spa treatments to patients in surrounding areas, including Fort Worth and Southlake, Texas.

How Does Jeuveau™ Work?

Jeuveau™ is made using prabotulinumtoxinA-xvfs, the same neurotoxin used in BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA) but a different strain. The prescription medicine is injected into the muscles between your eyebrows to improve the appearance of frown lines temporarily. It works by immobilizing your facial muscles to prevent them from flexing, which leads to the development of those pesky glabellar lines.

“Newtox,” or Jeuveau™, was involved in five clinical studies (two Phase III) which included over 2,100 patients, and these data points:

  • Clinical trials showed Jeuveau™ works effectively to improve moderate to severe glabellar lines temporarily.
  • Two long-term studies on Jeuveau™ safety showed patients had three treatments in one year on average.
  • One clinical trial showed 67.5% of patients had marked improvement 30 days after treatment, while another showed 70.4%, which was noticeable by both physicians and patients.
  • Common side effects in these trials were eyelid drooping, headache, increased white blood cell count, and upper respiratory tract infection, though there were not any drug-related severe side effects

The outstanding aesthetic team at North Texas Plastic Surgery would be more than happy to give additional insight on Jeuveau treatments in Dallas during a private initial consultation.

Is Jeuveau™, or “Newtox,” Right for You?

This new injectable is the only one of its kind that’s exclusively used for aesthetic purposes. Jeuveau™ is clinically proven to improve frown lines, which is evident in the extensive clinical trials conducted in the United States. “Newtox” could be right for you if you have moderate to severe frown lines that are located between your eyebrows and may make you appear angry, sad, or tired. While Jeuveau™ is FDA-approved for this purpose, it’s essential you speak with Dr. Obaid about your options.

Dr. Obaid will give you before and after instructions for your Jeuveau™ treatment. You may experience discomfort, swelling, tenderness, and injection site bleeding or bruising. If you’ve had BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments in the past four months or a similar product such as Dysport® and Xeomin®, Jeuveau™ in Dallas may not be the right option for you at this time.

Contact a Dallas Plastic Surgeon About Jeuveau™ Injectables

If you’re interested in an injectable treatment such as Jeuveau™, please contact Dr. Sacha Obaid in Dallas today to schedule your consultation. North Texas Plastic Surgery serves the Fort Worth, Texas area including Plano and Southlake.

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