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Tattoo Removal in Dallas

North Texas Plastic Surgery is offering tattoo removal in Dallas, Plano, and Southlake. The technology we use for this proceudre represents an extraordinary upgrade over previous treatments. This is the most advanced technology on the market. With a combination of picosecond and nanosecond pulses, it gets both the superficial and deeper inks, and the wavelength variety that the laser offers allows us to hit all of the colors much more effectively. This allows for a faster, more complete removal of the tattoos!

We can use a precision-crafted Lumenis laser—called the PiQo 4—to remove that unwanted tattoo and restore your sense of self-confidence. The PiQo 4 system has been achieving extraordinary results for our medspa patients in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, many of whom were originally resigned to the idea of dealing with a now-unwanted tattoo for the rest of their lives.

At North Texas Plastic Surgery we offer safe, effective solutions that help you achieve your goals, even when you thought them impossible. Please call North Texas Plastic Surgery today for a consultation and examination.

Evaluating Your Tattoo and Skin Type

Before moving forward with laser tattoo removal using the PiQo 4 system, we will first thoroughly evaluate your tattoo and skin type. These are important variables in determining how effective laser tattoo removal will be.

For example:

  • Amateur tattoos are easier to remove than professional tattoos  as they are closer to the surface
  • Black or other dark-colored inks are easier to remove, while light colors like blue, green, red, and yellow are the hardest. In these cases, more sessions may be needed
  • Older tattoos respond better to laser tattoo removal
  • Different body locations respond differently to laser tattoo removal

Skin type is also very important. Skincare professionals evaluate your skin type on a scale of I to VI, with one being very fair skin and VI being the darkest brown. Generally speaking, the higher up the scale you go, the more difficult tattoo removal will be, and the more treatments will be required.

Finally, it’s a good idea to give up tanning—including the use of self-tanning lotions—if you’re seeking tattoo removal. The re-distribution of melanin that results makes laser tattoo removal more difficult.

Advantages of the PiQo 4 System

There are a lot of laser tattoo removal services on the market these days. What makes PiQo 4 unique, however, is the advanced technology at work. The PiQo 4 works with higher energy than most systems, and its pulsed light can penetrate deep into the skin in ways other products cannot.

The PiQo 4 system offers a combination of both Picosecond and Nanosecond laser pulses. During your consultation, we provide you with more details on what, exactly, the difference is between those types of pulses, but what you need to know is that studies show a combination of pico and nanosecond pulses is by far the best way to break up a tattoo. Nanosecond pulses break up larger and deeper ink particles, while Picosecond pulses attack smaller and shallower particles. It’s a devastatingly effective 1-2 punch.

Because of the advanced nature of the PiQo 4 technology, the system offers a number of real, concrete advantages for you, the patient. Many patients are reluctant to pursue tattoo removal because they think it will be painful and will take forever to accomplish. But the PiQo 4 system can reduce session length by up to 27 times, and the higher energy involved can reduce the number of treatments required by up to 40 percent compared to other laser tattoo systems.

All Sorts of Colors, All Sorts of Designs

Many people don’t know that the color of a tattoo—as well as its type—can affect how it is removed. Put simply, many laser tattoo removal systems are only capable of removing certain colors. These lasers operate at certain wavelengths, and those wavelengths are only effective on specific colors.

PiQo 4 is different. Because the system uses a multi-wavelength arrangement, it can break up and eliminate the nine most popular tattoo colors. This covers the vast majority of potential tattoos, meaning you won’t have to worry about the system proving ineffective at removing your tattoo.

And PiQo 4 can be adjusted to the type of your tattoo as well. Professional tattoos use a dense ink that penetrates deep into the skin, while an amateur tattoo is much more superficial, with a sparser density. But despite the different challenges associated with these types of tattoos, the PiQo 4 system can handle them both.

The PiQo 4 offers unprecedented versatility. While other systems are limited and somewhat specialized in what they can do, our laser tattoo removal system can adjust to your specific situation. We can work with the contours of your skin, the complexity of your tattoo, and with a range of other variables as well.

What To Expect From The PiQo 4 Tattoo Removal Procedure

Safety is always our foremost concern.  At North Texas Plastic Surgery, you’ll be treated by a registered nurse with specialized training with the PiQo 4 system and who works hard to keep her training and certifications continually up to date. You can trust our entire staff to get it right.

For high-risk patients, before beginning the procedure in full, we will create a “test patch.” This is essentially a piece of skin in an inconspicuous location that we use to test the laser in order to determine its effectiveness, as well as to see if you have any allergic reactions to the treatment. Depending on your skin type, we’ll have to wait between three days to 10 days to determine tissue reaction to the treatment. Darker skin tones require longer waits.

Immediately after the laser strikes your skin you can expect to see whitening of the epidermis. This “frosting” is perfectly normal and, in fact, is a good sign that the ink pigmentation is breaking up. You might also observe some “pinpoint” spots on your skin, which are the result of bleeding. This is normal and not a sign of any concerns.

Contact Us Today To Learn About Our Tattoo Removal Services in Dallas, Plano, and Southlake

Because every patient is unique the only way to tell you with any confidence how many treatments you’ll need to undergo is to come in for a consultation. This will depend on a number of factors, including the extent and color of your tattoo, as well as your skin type. But we have seen many patients walk away utterly thrilled with their laser tattoo removal results.

If you’re seeking more information about laser tattoo removal in or around Dallas, Plano, Southlake, Fort Worth, or anywhere else in the north Texas region, please call North Texas Plastic Surgery today for a free consultation and examination.

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