Dietary Supplements

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There's no doubt that eating right isn't easy. It seems as though the medical recommendations for what you should be eating change every day. And it only gets more complicated if you're trying to lose weight – how do you get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need while also slashing your calorie consumption?

At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we understand these frustrations, and we're here to help. Our staff has over a decade of experience providing wellness services to Dallas-area patients like you. This includes providing safe, high-quality dietary supplements when those are the right tools for achieving your goals.

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What Are Dietary Supplements And How Can They Help?

A dietary supplement is essentially a nutritional back-up. Even if you make a concerted effort to eat right, it can be difficult to consume all of the nutrients your body needs. Dietary supplements provided concentrated amounts of these nutrients, usually – though not always - in pill form. Supplements aren't food, and they aren't meant to serve a replacement for food. They make up for a shortfall – for example, if you struggle to get enough vitamin E, you can take supplements that provide you with your complete recommended daily value of vitamin E without changing your diet.

Unfortunately, dietary supplements are not very well regulated. They aren't food products and they aren't prescription drugs, which means less-than-reputable companies can produce dietary supplements and make unrealistic claims about their efficacy without running afoul of the government.

That's why it's important that you work with experienced, proven, reputable medical professionals if you decide to consider dietary supplements. North Texas Plastic Surgery's staff understands the science of supplements and can help you meet your nutritional needs within the context of your busy life.

We use two supplements:

  • Ideal Protein: This doctor-designed weight loss routine relies upon a wide selection of foods made from high-quality protein. Protein is energy for your muscles – it's absolutely vital to your health and well-being. But getting protein without loading yourself down with fat and cholesterol has always been a dilemma. Ideal Protein products provide you with the protein your muscles need while cutting out the sugars and carbohydrates that make it difficult to lose weight.
  • Health Wise: These Health Wise products also include a range of foods, including full entrees, meal replacements and even fruity drinks to quench your thirst. But Health Wise also offers oral dietary supplements that can achieve a wide range of nutritional and weight loss objectives.

Of course, a supplement is just that: a supplement. These pills and other treatments do not work as substitutes for exercise and sound diet. They can, however, complement those efforts and greatly ease your attempt at healthy weight loss.

Our experienced staff will oversee your program, making sure you get the right supplements and ensuring your safety and well-being are protected at every step along the way. Your dietary coach will ensure that you are on the most effective and safest dietary program for you.

If you live in Dallas, Plano or Southlake, Texas or any of the nearby communities and you want to learn more about dietary supplements or our other wellness services, please call North Texas Plastic Surgery today at 817-416-8080.