Saad Alsubaie, MD, FRCSC,


Mayo clinic trained and ASAPS fellowship trained Plastic surgeon SERVING DALLAS, PLANO, SOUTHLAKE, AND NEARBY FORT WORTH, TEXAS

Helping my patients to achieve their specific goals and being part of their journey to reach their greatest self-esteem is the reason why I love what I do

Dr. Saad Alsubaie, FRCSC believes that ideal results require compassion, understanding and superb surgical skills.

As a plastic surgeon who trained at world-renowned Mayo Clinic, Dr. Alsubaie performs all aspects of plastic surgery procedures with the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. He provides the greatest level of care with absolute commitment to the primary value “the needs of the patient come first.”

The reason why I elected to pursue a subspecialty training in Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for an extra year after residency, is to provide my patients with the best results possible utilizing the cutting-edge technology and techniques in the field “

With almost 10 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery and pedigree training, Dr. Alsubaie is excited to be part of his patients transformation at NTPS.

Dr. Alsubaie’s Educational Journey

After graduating from medical school with the highest honor, Dr. Saad Alsubaie joined the Plastic Surgery Division at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN . The Mayo Clinic is regarded by the U.S. News & World Report as the no.1 hospital in the United States.

Before residency, Dr. Alsubaie completed a certificate program in Clinical and Translational Sciences at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School and was able to secure significant funds and conduct multiple research projects focused on face transplantation and craniofacial surgery. This research endeavor subsequently served as the foundation of Mayo Clinic’s first face transplant operation. Additionally, Dr. Alsubaie was part of the Mayo Clinic team who performed the 56 hours surgery under the lead of his mentor Dr. Samir Mardini.

Dr. Alsubaie started his plastic surgery residency after being selected by the Mayo Clinic Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency program. After 6 years of integrated Plastic Surgery training and performing thousands of both reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, Dr. Alsubaie completed his residency at The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN and was selected to a highly competitive American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery endorsed cosmetic surgery fellowship in Charlotte, NC. During his subspeciality training, Dr. Alsubaie spent the whole year performing advanced body, breast and face aesthetic procedures with extensive exposure to both surgical and non-surgical techniques working with his mentor and one of the pioneers of modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Joseph P. Hunstad.

Dr. Alsubaie carries active full - unrestricted medical licenses in Texas, Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona. Dr. Alsubaie is certified in Plastic Surgery by the Royal College of Surgeons in Canada and a board eligible to the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a candidate member to both American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Dr. Alsubaie is an associate to the American College of Surgeons, a fellow to the Royal College of Surgeons in Canada, and currently classified as an extraordinary ability individual by the Department of State.

Dr. Alsubaie has multiple publications in the field of Plastic Surgery, including peer-reviewed original articles, reviews and book chapters. He is also a reviewer for both Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journals.

Life Beyond the Office

Outside the operating room, Dr. Alsubaie enjoys writing and reading poetry, listening to Jazz, and traveling. Dr. Alsubaie’s fiancée, Krystha, is a general surgery resident in Dallas, TX. When he is not at surgery, he can often be found jogging outdoors or cooking new recipes at home. He is excited to trade his heavy winter coat for a pair of cowboy boots.

Dr. Alsubaie’s Education

ASAPS Aesthetic Fellow - Hunstad / Kortesis / Bharti Cosmetic Center, Charlotte , North Carolina 7/2020 – 6/2021

Chief Plastic Surgery Resident - Division of Plastic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN 7/2019 – 6/2020

Plastic Surgery Resident - Division of Plastic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 7/2014 - 6/2019

Research Fellow - Division of Plastic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 3/2012- 10/2014

Dr. Alsubaie’s Board Status

American Board of Plastic Surgery ( Written Exam) Passed 10/26/2020
Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (Plastic Surgery) Certified 9/15/2020

Dr. Alsubaie’s Medical Licenses

Texas S2715 active
Minnesota 61415 active
Arizona 58725 active
North Carolina 2019-01433 active
Florida 141577 active

Research Experience

Dr. Alsubaie’s research career started as early as medical school. After joining the Mayo Clinic as a Research Trainee he was soon promoted to the title of Research Fellow after winning the Obaid’s Vascularized Composite Allograft Award in addition to a grant of $50,000 to conduct research in the field of face transplantation. This particular research endeavor was conducted under the supervision of Professor Samir Mardini, his Mentor and the current chair of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Mayo Clinic. This research subsequently served as the foundation for the first face transplant operation at the Mayo Clinic. This surgery was performed by Dr. Mardini and his team. National and international media covered this outstanding advancement in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

During his time as a research fellow, Dr. Alsubaie completed a Certificate Program in Clinical and Translational Science at the Mayo Graduate School. His work titled "Prophylactic Antibiotics and Infection Rate in Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Control Trials,” shed light on the use of antibiotics in nose surgeries.

In addition to his contributions on face transplantation-focused research, Dr. Alsubaie also worked in the field of Pediatric and Craniofacial Plastic Surgery. He has introduced virtual surgery using computer-assisted design (CAD)/computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) techniques to expedite surgical planning and operation on children with skull deformities. This work was considered one of the first reports to introduce this novel technology in the field of craniofacial surgery, and it was published in the prestigious Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery (JPRAS). He later presented that work at the highly regarded Mayo Brothers Young Investigator Research Symposium.

Dr. Alsubaie continues to excel in research during residency. His work titled "Outcomes Analysis of Goldilocks Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction: A Single Institution Experience," which was published in the Journal of Surgical Oncology provides an option for breast reconstruction for patients who are not suitable for implant-based breast reconstruction. This work is significant , considering that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Furthermore, plastic surgeons are always attempting to create novel therapies and reconstruction options for patients following their extensive surgeries for breast cancer treatment.

In a letter to the editor that was published in the esteemed Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS), Dr. Alsubaie and his colleagues were the first to suggest using the term “creation” rather than “reconstruction” when describing gender-affirming surgery; this contribution shed light on the significance of this new era in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Additionally, Dr. Alsubaie is involved in quality improvement research. His work titled, “Reducing Retained Corneal Shields in Craniofacial Surgery" was accepted for poster presentation at Mayo Clinic 2018 Quality Conference. The work proposes safety and preventive measures to reduce and eliminate accidental eye injuries during craniofacial surgery for both children and adults.

Recently, Dr. Alsubaie was invited as an expert to write a commentary on circumferential arm liposuction and along with his mentor Joseph P. Hunstad discussed the novel technique of four-positioned circumferential arm liposuction. He also was invited again to write another commentary on the novel use of tranexamic acid (TXA) to decrease blood loss and bruising in body contouring surgeries.


Candidate member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Candidate Member of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Associate Member of the American College of Surgeons

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Canada)

Mayo Clinic Fellow Association

Texas Medical Association

American Medical Association

Volunteer Activities 

International community service is also central to Dr. Alsubaie’s clinical experience and personal interest. In 2018, he was the recipient of The Mayo Clinic International Travel Award to Lima, Peru. During this travel experience, Dr. Alsubaie performed more than forty cleft lip and palate procedures on children. He is also a two-time recipient of The Division of Plastic Surgery Attending Trip Award.

Honors and Awards

The Mayo Clinic International Travel Award – Lima, Peru

The Obaid’s Vascularized Composite Tissue Award ($50,000)

The Excellence Performance Award from the Department of Surgery in Core Surgery Rotations

Best Paper Award at the 4th Baltic Sea Region Conference in Medical sciences in Warsaw, Boland

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

College of Medicine Award of Representation at the 6th International Scientific Conference for Medical Students in GCC Countries in Alain City in United Arab Emirates

College of Medicine Award of Representation at the 19th European Students Conference in Germany

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Anatomy, Histology and Physiology