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clock-icon   January 21, 2019

Powerful Essential Oils to Soothe Your Winter Eczema



Source: Very Well Health
Have you noticed that symptoms of eczema sprout up more than usual during winter? This skin condition, which affects about 30 million Americans, is more inflamed during colder months and must be promptly and properly addressed to prevent breakouts and flare ups from happening.

According to the National Eczema Association, a person who suffers from eczema has an overactive immune system that gets triggered by a substance which causes inflammation. This inflammation manifests as red, itchy and painful rashes – the most common symptom in all types of eczema.

Winter can be a difficult time for people with eczema because the cold air strips away essential oils that work in keeping the skin hydrated. While it’s logical to assume that a heater can do the trick, centralized heating ends up desensitizing your skin. Certain fabrics in warm clothing can irritate the skin, while hot baths may also trigger flare ups.

How do you control winter eczema?

Eczema can be managed with the help of over-the-counter lotions, creams, and ointments. However, people with eczema are still advised to take caution because some formulas may end up doing more harm than good. To avoid further discomfort, skin experts encourage the use of essential oils in treating winter eczema.

Here are six essential oils that can help your skin get through the cold months:

Jojoba Oil

This anti-inflammatory oil seals in moisture in the skin and functions as an efficient barrier against the cold weather.


Hemp Seed Oil

Known for its omega-6 fatty acids that can nourish the skin and soothe inflammation, hemp seed oil can be applied topically or taken orally to reap its benefits.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has incredible antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it incredibly beneficial to people with sensitive skin. When used with carrier oil, it can help address redness caused by eczema and rosacea.


Eucalyptus Oil

The anti-inflammatory effects of eucalyptus oil make it effective in treating skin infections, wounds, and eczema flare ups when applied directly to the affected areas.


Calendula Oil

This oil extracted from the calendula officinalis plant is a superb humectant for severely dry and broken skin. It contains anti-inflammatory and calming properties that help manage skin conditions like eczema.


Tea Tree Oil

The antiviral properties of tea tree oil are very useful in preventing skin infection. Studies suggest that it’s even more effective than zinc oxide when it comes to the treatment of eczema.

Essential oils are natural and devoid of preservatives. Yet, it’s still recommended to seek a dermatologist’s advice prior to use as some people may be allergic to certain oils.

Need an expert’s advice on how to keep winter eczema under control? Give us a call at 972-627-4175 or fill out our online form to secure an appointment with our experienced skin care specialists at our Dallas, Plano, or Southlake locations in Texas. They can help you find the perfect treatments and skincare products to treat eczema from Skinceuticals and SkinMedica.


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