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clock-icon   May 30, 2023

What To Expect in Plastic Surgery Pre-Operative Appointments

Prior to any surgery or procedure that you undergo with North Texas Plastic Surgery, our medical team will schedule a pre-operative appointment with you—we call it a “pre-op.” This appointment will take approximately one hour.

The purpose of your pre-op is to ensure you are a suitable candidate for your procedure, that you are fully aware of what your procedure entails, and that you have all the information you need for successful, long-lasting results.


What Happens in the Pre-Op Phase?

By consulting with you, our team will assess your needs, your treatment goals, and how best to perform your given procedure with the safest, most suitable surgical strategy. This is a great time to ask any questions about your treatment, what kind of results you can expect, and what the recovery process will look like.

During your pre-op, you will meet with our medical team, including a highly trained plastic surgeon. We will also conduct a medical review that will discuss your family history, any history of chronic illness or health conditions, and allergies. It is essential that you tell us about any medications, vitamins, or supplements that you are taking to ensure you are a suitable candidate.

During your pre-op, we will review all the pre- and post-operative procedures with you to make sure you understand the risks, downtime, and recovery involved.

Maximizing Your Recovery

Your pre-op is also the time when you will complete any paperwork as well as take any tests or assessments required to move forward, including a urine test for nicotine.

Abstaining from nicotine products—including cigarettes, vapes, or other nicotine-containing products—is essential to ensure a smooth procedure and recovery. Please note you must be nicotine-free for at least four weeks prior to your pre-op appointment, since we do require a negative urine nicotine test prior to your procedure. Our medical specialist may provide additional guidance on abstaining from nicotine products leading up to and following your surgery.

To ensure you have the best chance for a smooth procedure and recovery, and so you can enjoy your results for as long as possible, our plastic surgeon may recommend some lifestyle changes. In addition to eliminating nicotine products, these guidelines may include avoiding alcohol, taking medications such as aspirin or blood thinners prior to the procedure, and to follow a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Your Pre-Operative Appointment is Where We Set You Up for Success

The last step before your procedure is to take your pre-op photos. These photos are helpful in guiding our surgeon toward the best outcome, and will serve as part of your before-and-after pictures, showcasing how much of a difference your procedure has made.

We hope this has helped you understand what to expect during your pre-op appointment with us! North Texas Plastic Surgery is committed to providing you with outstanding service and results. Get in touch with us and set up your pre-operative consultation.

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Real patient posing breast augmentation 
Real patient posing breast augmentation 
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