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Facelift in Dallas and Plano


When we age, our skin’s natural elasticity diminishes and collagen production slows over time. This leaves skin unable to shrink and tighten as it did in our youth while the lost collagen causes the face to lose volume and wrinkles and folds to emerge. As this happens, the face loses its youthful contours and skin begins to sag, showing visible signs of aging in the face and neck that represented by sagginess of the cheeks, prominent jowls (skin that sags below the jawline) and the downward pointing corners of the mouth in addition the neck bands. There can be many causes for this including the natural thinning of the skin and loss of facial fat, heredity, lifestyle, and stress.

At North Texas Plastic Surgery, our Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sacha Obaid, has extensive experience providing facelifts in Dallas to those who wish to improve the appearance of their features. This restorative facial surgery helps to achieve a smoother and more youthful complexion.

A well-done face lift is a very transformational procedure that can make the patient looks ten to fifteen years younger and the result can last for ten to fifteen years. When performing a facelift, a surgeon’s expertise is very important in order to address not only the skin but also the soft tissue of the face and neck (SMAS and neck muscles).

If you’re interested in learning more about our facelift procedure, also referred to as a Rhytidectomy, please give us a call to schedule your free consultation. We welcome those who live in Dallas, Plano, Southlake, and nearby Forth Worth.

Why Should I Consider a Facelift?

With age, the skin over the face and neck becomes lax, causing wrinkles to form over the cheeks. The fold of skin between the cheeks and lips starts to deepen, forming a crease that is often the most frequently noticed sign of aging. The loose skin over the cheeks eventually can hang below the jawline (jowls).

A similar process occurs in the neck which sees the skin become loose, eventually hanging like a hammock from the chin. In some people, two bands will form in the middle of the neck. These unattractive bands are often brought out when people smile or speak.

A Rhytidectomy can turn back the clock when done properly. The facelift procedure can help create a more youthful appearance by:

  • Lifting up the cheeks to the right location (on top of the cheek bones)
  • Removing fine wrinkles in the cheeks
  • Soften the deep folds seen between the cheeks and mouth and correct the downward pointing corners of the mouth
  • Tighten the loose skin and bands in the neck and define the jawline

Will I Look “Natural”?

When performed correctly without relying only on the skin alone to achieve the lift, the facelift result should look natural. Be prepared to share your younger self photographs with our surgeons here in NTPS to set the goals for your new natural look.

The biggest mistake that people make is to think that to look younger, the skin of the face should be tight and all wrinkles removed. The reality is that babies, children, teenagers, young men, and women all have dynamic wrinkling of the skin when they smile or make certain expressions. This is natural.

The key to facial rejuvenation is to soften your deep creases and remove the fine lines, not to pull your skin as tight as possible. A full face with soft wrinkles where appropriate will make you look younger as opposed to looking as if you’ve been operated on. Our plastic surgeon specializes in delivering a natural-looking appearance that will have you appearing 10 to 15 years younger as opposed to your current age with your skin pulled and tucked.

My Real Concern Is the Loose Skin on My Neck

A facelift is designed to eliminate loose skin in the cheeks and neck. The loose skin of the neck is drawn upward towards the ear and hair where it can be removed and the scars hidden behind the ear and in the hairline. This allows for rejuvenation of the neck without visible scars on the neck.

Though on occasion a neck lift alone (without lifting the face) can be done in very selective patients, a face and neck lift are designed to eliminate loose skin in the cheeks and neck at the same time to avoid any disharmony between the rejuvenated neck and the rest of the face or vice versa. The loose skin of the neck is drawn upward towards the ear and hair where it can be removed and the scars hidden behind the ear and in the hairline. It’s also very important to address the neck bands (platysma muscle) as part of the procedure and repair them. This allows for rejuvenation of the neck without visible scars on the neck.

What to expect during your consultation?

During the consultation, face and neck lift patient will have the opportunity to spend a face-to-face time with our highly trained plastic surgeons where your concerns will be addressed in a detailed matter. Though the face and neck lift procedure aims to restore youth and rejuvenate the face and neck area the specific details of the technique are customized for the patient’s need (type of incisions, techniques and the need for fat grafting or brows and eyelid surgery). A thorough clinical exam and history is essential to assure safe and effective results.

What Is the Recovery from a Rhytidectomy Procedure?

A typical facial rejuvenation surgery takes three to four hour operative time. For patient safety and comfort these procedures performed under general anesthesia in our state-of-the-art surgical center. Patients will typically stay overnight in our recovery center and cared by one of our highly trained and experienced nurses in a 1:1 fashioned. Pain after facelift surgery is actually minimum and most patients don’t require narcotics. You will be expected to be up and walking immediately after the surgery. By the next day, Dr. Obaid will perform a clinical exam to make sure everything is within normal and remove any surgical drains (small rubber tubing that helps drain the post-surgical fluid) most patients feel well enough to eat and drink whatever they want and are able to get around comfortably.

As a patient you will be instructed to follow specific instructions to help with your recovery, healing, and avoid certain activities in order to optimize your results.

We recommend that the patient plan to take it easy the first week to allow the swelling to go down and the body’s natural healing response to take place. We will see you back within 24- 48 hours of the surgery at that point you will be cleared to shower and gently wash your own hair.

It is normal to have some mild bruising after this operation, and we recommend that patients plan to take five to seven days off from work or social activities so that you may heal in privacy.

Typically, the face stiches will be removed within 5-7 days, the behind the ear sutures will be removed at 2 weeks.

Due to the careful placement of the incisions (hidden behind the ear and within the hairline), patients can ware their hair back (pony tail) with virtually invisible surgical scars. Patients are expected to resume their daily routine and exercises and to be fully recover within 3 weeks.

Do Many Men in the Dallas, Plano, and Southlake Areas Undergo Facial Rejuvenation?

In this ultra-competitive business world, more and more men are having this procedure each year not just to look better but also to help them compete. A youthful appearance can signal energy and vitality. It tells those around you that you are willing to work hard and you are full of new ideas. By contrast, heavy eyelids and deep wrinkles can make one appear tired, uninterested, and perhaps unable to keep up.

Dr. Obaid sees many men in the office. We can design an operation that will look natural and that will hide the scars well no matter what your hair pattern is.

Contact Our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Dallas to Discuss the Facelift Procedure Today

For a complimentary, comprehensive discussion of your options for a facelift in Dallas, please call today. North Texas Plastic Surgery has offices in Southlake, and Plano, and Dallas. Additionally,  we serve patients throughout the North Texas area.

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