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Initial Consultations for a Tummy Tuck in Fort Worth

Initial Consultations for a Tummy Tuck in Fort Worth

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into getting a tummy tuck procedure – or any plastic surgery, for that matter! When you believe you are ready to make the change, you first need to meet with us for a consultation of the procedure, your health, and the necessary pre-op and post-op instructions.

Our board-certified and board-eligible plastic surgeons need to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared to undergo body contouring surgery. Schedule your initial consultation for a tummy tuck in our Fort Worth office today!

What to Expect From an Initial Consultation

When a patient comes in to our Fort Worth office to consult about a tummy tuck, they can expect to gain extensive information about what is involved in the procedure, how to effectively prepare for the surgery, and what the recovery process will be like. They will also talk with one of our experienced plastic surgeons to determine if a tummy tuck is the correct procedure for their aesthetic goals.

During an initial consultation, we want to get to know the patient, learn what their goals and expectations are, and ask how long they have been thinking about the procedure. The purpose of these discussions is to make sure they are serious about getting an abdominoplasty and that it is not a spur-of-the-moment idea they are making lightly. We want to have the highest likelihood of results that both doctor and patient are happy with.

The initial consultation will generally last about 60 to 90 minutes.

Will You Take Pictures During the Consultation?

During the consultation, we will take some photos that allow us to create 3D images of the planned surgical result. These photos will be secured and we will never put them in our Before and After Gallery without your permission.

There is also no cost for the initial consultation, nor is there a cost if a second consultation is required.

Preparing for the Tummy Tuck Consultation

During the consultation for a tummy tuck, our Fort Worth patients should expect to learn which procedure will be right for their body and their goals, and to lay out some important tasks in preparation for surgery and to make the required recovery process as easy as possible.

While a patient does not need any specific preparation for an initial consultation, it is helpful if they write down any questions they may have about the procedure so all concerns are addressed upfront. North Texas Plastic Surgery commits itself to always be available to answer questions at any point before and after the procedure.

Our Doctor/Patient Relationship

Even before the first consultation, our office will reach out to you to get appropriate information. From there, we will have our initial consultation and you will gain access to our mobile app that allows you to ask questions and send “wish pictures” of what you are hoping to look like. Our plastic surgeons and the office staff check this app throughout the day, as well as on nights and weekends. Additionally, you can use that app after your procedure to ask any questions about recovery and results. At NTPS, we place a lot of emphasis on frequent and easy communication so you are kept informed and comfortable.

Our practice builds strong relationships with patients by having open and honest conversations from the start. We do not want to make any promises to patients that we do not feel we can keep. Then, from consultation to post operative care, we make ourselves as fully available as possible so we can provide information, advice, and support during any stage of their preparation or recovery.

Learn More About the Initial Consultations We Offer in Fort Worth for Tummy Tuck Patients

The initial consult is a crucial piece of your surgical experience. In this discussion, we will gather all the information we need to know, assess your candidacy for surgery, and provide answers to any of your questions. We not only get to learn more about you, but you also have the chance to learn more about us.

Call our Fort Worth office and schedule your initial tummy tuck consultation today!

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