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Kybella in Fort Worth

Kybella in Fort Worth

A double chin is one of the most common, confidence-disrupting facial features our clients approach us to fix. Until now, the most effective way to treat double chins was through surgery, often with a neck lift.

But there’s an easier way! Kybella is a non-surgical and minimally invasive dermal injector treatment designed to permanently remove chin fat. This procedure takes mere minutes and leaves no scars or markings behind!

If you are looking for a treatment to sharpen and define your chin and jawline, Kybella may be right for you. It is safe and FDA-approved, an ideal non-surgical solution to erase chin fat. In fact, we were one of the very first plastic surgery centers in the region to offer this product! For more information about getting Kybella in Fort Worth, please speak to our board-certified and board-eligible plastic surgeons today.

Who is Kybella For?

Kybella is very popular among our patients who wish to achieve a sharper, more angular jawline. This procedure is ideal for patients who:

  • Suffer from a double chin (also known as submental fullness)
  • Feel that their chin is oddly shaped
  • Have a damaged chin structure
  • Have a round or baby face
  • Wish to chisel and define their jawline

Kybella can transform the look and shape of your face by balancing and harmonizing your features, and our aesthetic specialists can discuss whether you would be better served with this injectable treatment or with a full surgical procedure.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella uses a special, biocompatible compound to eliminate unwanted chin fat. It allows your body to break down the fat and eliminate it through your natural waste system, strategically targeting just these cells while leaving the rest of the healthy tissue intact.

The Kybella Injection Procedure

Kybella injections are like any dermal procedure: quick and with minimal discomfort. The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes.

Prior to your treatment, we will cleanse your skin and lightly mark the placement on your chin where the injections are to occur. The procedure involves a series of injections into these marked areas.

How Many Sessions of Kybella Will I Need?

Most of our Fort Worth patients will need more than one Kybella session to meet their cosmetic goals. Typically, two to six Kybella sessions (spaced about four weeks apart) are required to achieve complete results. This depends on the individual, as everyone has unique needs and a different chin profile.

When Will I Notice Changes to My Chin?

Most patients will start noticing gradual results in four weeks following their first treatment. Within three months, you will see the full effect of your Kybella chin fat removal.

Is Kybella Permanent?

Kybella permanently removes fat cells. Once your treatments are complete, you will not need touch-ups. Your results from Kybella will last as long as you follow the aftercare instructions and maintain a healthy lifestyle that does not promote a return of fat in that area.

Call Our Fort Worth Office and Schedule Your Kybella Appointment With Us

Kybella is a leading non-surgical procedure that safely eliminates the double chin – for good! In just a few short sessions, you can achieve a perfectly defined jawline with no scars or markings.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Kybella, connect with our Fort Worth-based in-office surgical facility staff today for your initial consultation and assessment.

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