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PRP Hair Restoration in Fort Worth

PRP Hair Restoration in Fort Worth

We have the perfect treatment for men and women who suffer from hair fallout, thinning hair, or baldness. Formally known as platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) therapy, this procedure is an incredibly safe cosmetic treatment to help the scalp with hair growth and restoration. Our medical experts administer PRP therapy to deliver skin-nourishing nutrients straight to your scalp, helping you achieve beautiful healthy hair once again. If you would like to learn more about PRP hair restoration in Fort Worth, schedule a consultation at our Med Spa.

What is the Science Behind the PRP Hair Restoration Procedure?

This procedure is based on a wealth of scientific knowledge and research. Your blood contains a variety of essential nutrients and growth factors, which are used to nourish your body. Through PRP hair restoration therapy in Fort Worth, we extract those nutrients and strategically target your problem areas to dramatically improve your hair and scalp health.

First, your blood is drawn and purified. Platelets, which are one of the major components of the blood, are extracted from your blood sample and expertly purified by spinning it through a centrifuge. These purified platelets contain all the skin-nourishing nutrients and growth factors. The rich plasma is then injected into the treatment area of the scalp. For most people, this procedure is almost completely painless.

When delivered straight into the scalp, PRP provides essential growth factors which stimulate collagen production by activating the fibroblast. The nutrients and growth factors stimulated by PRP activate the growth and regeneration of your hair follicles, giving you thick, lush, and shiny hair once again. It can also add to the density of the follicles.

How Many PRP Hair Restoration Sessions Do I Need?

We recommend three monthly sessions followed by another session 3 months later. Each session lasts  about 45 minutes.  During your initial consultation with our medical team, we will determine a plan that will ensure you obtain the safest and most effective PRP treatment for your hair restoration.

Post PRP Hair Restoration Treatment Takeaways

There are certain things you should do to ensure your results are more effective. Our Fort Worth team recommends avoiding the following for about 48 hours after a PRP hair restoration treatment:

  • Getting the treatment area wet
  • Applying shampoo, conditioner, or hair product
  • Applying any gel or cream
  • Massaging or applying vigorous movement to the treatment area

If you have questions about other actions to avoid, we are happy to answer them during your initial consultation or at any point after your session.

Regrow Your Thick and Beautiful Hair With PRP Hair Restoration in Fort Worth

You deserve to have a full head of hair at any age. It can be challenging when you feel that your balding or thinning hair hinders your appearance and self-confidence. When women and men have this problem, they come to North Texas Plastic Surgery for great service and our deep knowledge of the latest cosmetic advancements.

We believe in providing the very best experience for our clients, putting their wellness and safety in mind, and delivering amazing results. Connect with us today to discover how PRP hair restoration in Fort Worth can give you the boost of confidence you need.

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