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clock-icon   April 5, 2017

Brazilian or Implants: Which Butt Lift Procedure Is Right for You?

Breast augmentation still reigns supreme as the most popular plastic surgery in the U.S., but the butt lift has experienced its own surge in popularity over the last few years! In fact, from 2000 to 2015, it experienced growth of 252%! This is in part thanks to the increasing popularity of the booty among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, but there’s no denying that a rounder, firmer behind can enhance your curves in a big way.

Why Lift the Booty?

Fashion—especially celebrity fashion—often determines what kinds of plastic surgery procedures become popular, and this has proven to be true with the butt lift. Famous celebrity booties such as those of Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Sophia Vergara have definitely put the spotlight on this part of the body. With these and other famous beauties celebrating their curvy bodies, it’s easier to feel proud of having a fuller booty! This procedure has also become so popular because it’s a simple and effective way to increase your curve appeal, especially if your butt is starting to sag a little. A flat or sagging butt can quickly be transformed by a butt lift into a round, firm, and perky one. And this procedure doesn’t just improve the way your butt looks. With a larger, rounder butt, your waist and thighs appear smaller, and your overall proportions take on a curvier look, which is something many women are searching for.

What Exactly Is a Butt Lift?

The butt lift works just as its name suggests: It lifts up a sagging butt or enlarges a smaller one to make it rounder, perkier, and firmer. There are two main ways to accomplish this:

Brazilian Butt Lift

When people talk about a butt lift, what they’re usually referring to is the Brazilian butt lift, a procedure that augments the buttocks using fat from the patient’s own body. This is carried out in a two-step process. Step 1: A surgeon uses liposuction to remove fat from places such as your stomach, thighs, or love handles—places where you have extra fat. Step 2: The surgeon uses a tool to inject that fat into your buttocks. The Results: With good placement, this procedure makes the buttocks round, full, and firm, without the need for implants. Healthy fat that “takes” properly stays in your buttocks permanently. After a successful procedure, you have a bigger booty for life! Another bonus? Since fat is removed and implanted with a very fine needle, this procedure causes very little visible scarring. Since you’ll have no scars to worry about, you can wear even the smallest bikini with absolute confidence. For any procedure where your own fat is implanted back into your body, there’s a chance that some of it won’t “take.” This means some of the fat might die off and be absorbed into your body instead of properly implanting into your buttocks. But there’s no cause for alarm! If this happens, your surgeon can simply repeat the procedure until you have the results you want. The Brazilian is such a minimally invasive procedure that you can have it multiple times without issue. Recovery The recovery time for this procedure is relatively short, another factor that contributes to its increasing popularity. Most people who have a Brazilian are back to work after about a week and can resume all their normal activities after four weeks.

Butt Lift with Implants

Most people who want a butt lift are good candidates for the Brazilian, but that’s not true for everyone. For a Brazilian to work, you need to have enough fat elsewhere on your body that your surgeon can remove some to implant into your backside. People who are very slender or petite may not have enough fat to remove and must consider other options. The main alternative to the Brazilian butt lift is the butt lift with implants. In this procedure implants take the place of the fat that would otherwise be injected into the butt. They are inserted directly underneath the gluteus maximus muscle. The implants are small silicone discs, very soft and malleable, so they don’t cause any discomfort when you’re sitting or lying down after the surgery is complete. Recovery This kind of butt lift is a little more invasive than the Brazilian because a surgeon must make larger incisions in order to place the implants beneath the muscle. So recovery time for this procedure is longer, at up to six weeks.

Brazilian or Butt Lift with Implants: Which Is Best for You?

Most people who have a butt lift do opt for the Brazilian. That’s because this procedure doesn’t just avoid the need for implants, it’s also simpler and less invasive, with less downtime. It also has the advantage of liposuction in other parts of your body where there might be a little more fat than you’d like. The main factor that decides which butt lift procedure is right for you is your own body. Since the Brazilian uses fat from elsewhere in your body, your need to have a certain amount of “spare” body fat in order to have this procedure. If you have a thin or petite frame, you may not have enough body fat for liposuction and would be best served by implants. Both procedures result in a firmer, rounder backside and the opportunity to slenderize the appearance of your tummy and thighs at the same time. If you’re interested in having a butt lift, the next step is to see a board-certified plastic surgeon. They can discuss your body goals and desires with you and give you surgery recommendations based on your frame size, ensuring you opt with the procedure that gives you the best results possible!

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Real patient posing breast augmentation 
Real patient posing breast augmentation 
Real patient posing breast augmentation 
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