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What to Wear After a Breast Augmentation + Shopping Tips

One of the most fun things about having breast augmentation—apart from your new look—is the chance to shop for a new wardrobe afterwards! Whether your clothes don’t fit the same way after the procedure or you just want to overhaul your wardrobe as a way of enhancing your new body, we’ve got some tips for what to wear after a breast augmentation.

Wait for Your Body to Recover

One of the hardest things about shopping for a post-surgery wardrobe is waiting until your body has had time to recover! For up to a month after surgery, your breasts could be swollen, so it’s best to delay clothes shopping until after this period has passed. Your breast surgeon will give you specific advice on what kinds of garments to wear during this time, but for most women, a medical support bra provides the best combination of support and comfort for the first couple weeks post-op. When it comes to a non-medical-support bra, you’ll want one that gives your breasts plenty of support, but is also very soft. One of the best choices for this is a sports bra, preferably one without seams. You’ll also appreciate having some loose-fitting sweatshirts and zip-up or button-front tops. These will allow you to dress without having to raise your arms.

Think About Your New Style Before You Hit the Stores

Shopping for your post-augmentation wardrobe is the perfect opportunity to try out a new style, and see if the new you might prefer something different! Ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • How do I feel about my current style?
  • Is there anything about it I’d like to change?
  • Is there an aspect of my new bust that I want to show off, like my cleavage?

Be aware that if your breasts are larger than they were before they’ll need more support! That probably means opting for bras, sleeveless tops, and bikinis with wider and thicker straps. Also consider the necklines you’re used to wearing. The same kind of neckline looks very different on a woman with large breasts than a woman with small ones, even if they’re technically wearing the same size top. For instance, if you’re used to being relatively covered up, you may find that some kinds of necklines give you more exposure than you want.

Shop for Bras That Fit Well

Did you know: A high percentage of women don’t wear the right size bra? Many women experience back pain and other kinds of discomfort as a result, but the most common consequence of this is that the breasts aren’t properly supported. And, of course, without the right bra, your breasts won’t look as good as they could! After you’ve had breast augmentation, wearing a bra that fits properly is even more important because your breasts need good support as they heal. Once you’re fully recovered from surgery, it’s time to go out and find some bras that fit well and enhance the look of your new breasts too.

One of the best ways to go about this is to visit a retail store where you can take advantage of a free fitting, such as Victoria’s Secret or Nordstrom. Or check out your favorite stores online to find out whether they’ll allow you to try out bras before you commit to them. During a fitting, a trained professional measures your bust and helps you determine your bra size and the kinds of bras that fit you best. With the right size bra, your new figure will be well-supported and look fantastic!

Dress to Accentuate

Once you have bras to support your breasts, it’s time to start shopping for tops that pull the whole picture of your new look together. Soon after your procedure, it’s best to avoid strapless pieces, as these tend to squeeze your bust and don’t provide much support. Cowl and v-neck tops are fantastic options to accentuate your bust line, and, with a good fit, they’ll emphasize your new proportions perfectly.

Shop for Separates

Particularly when you first start shopping for your new body, it can be difficult to figure out the sizing of items such as dresses and jumpsuits. If your breasts are much larger than before, you might find that your breasts require a bigger dress size than the rest of your body! A good way to accommodate this is to shop for separates—tops, skirts, and pants, for example—so you can mix and match sizes.

Show Off Your Beach Body!

For many women, one of the biggest perks of breast augmentation is the chance to look fantastic in fashionable swimwear. But which suit to choose? Many women find that spaghetti straps and triangle or strapless styles don’t provide their new breasts with enough support, and that they can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. A more comfortable choice is a halter-style swimsuit that provides plenty of opportunity to show off your new cleavage and gives you the support you need. Another option that looks wonderful on a full-breasted figure is the classic 1950s-style suit, famously worn by silver-screen stars, such as Marilyn Monroe.

In general, look for swimwear that provides plenty of support, especially if you plan to be active while wearing it. For instance, a suit with an integrated lining can help prevent your breasts from shifting or bouncing uncomfortably while you’re swimming, playing beach volleyball, or tossing around a frisbee. And don’t forget to consider what kinds of clasps or ties the suit has—secure fastening is important for preventing mishaps. Finally, for swimsuits in particular, it’s a good idea to test out the ones you like to make sure the fit stays consistent when you’re moving around. While you’re in the dressing room, do a few quick activities:

  • Jump up and down to see if the suit provides enough support
  • Raise your arms above your head
  • Bend over
  • Try a range of other positions

These will help you ensure you are free to move however you want while enjoying your beach day! After your breast augmentation, the fun begins! You get to figure out the best ways to show off your new shape. Take our shopping advice above, and flaunt your stuff!

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Real patient posing breast augmentation 
Real patient posing breast augmentation 
Real patient posing breast augmentation 
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