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Male Neck Lift in Dallas

Male Neck Lift in Dallas

Unfortunately, men are more likely to develop excess fat on their lower face and neck when they get older, often resulting in declining chin and jawline definition. In addition, though men may have fewer fine lines, they are more prone to deeper, more severe wrinkles on their necks. If you are experiencing these developments, you have the opportunity to rejuvenate your appearance and boost self-confidence with a male neck lift in Dallas.

Though the procedural approach for male neck lift surgery does not differ drastically from techniques for female patients, there are several essential considerations. For instance, the bone structure, skin thickness, and cosmetic goals differ for male plastic surgery patients as compared to female patients. Therefore, if you want to learn more details about the different factors to consider and surgical techniques, schedule a consultation with one of our highly-trained plastic surgeons today.

What Are the Main Differences of a Male Neck Lift?

When coming into our Southlake office for a neck lift, the main difference between men and women is that a more masculine result requires creating more contour definition along the jawline, chin, and neck.

Male neck lift patients have a few vital physical differences that influence surgical techniques, including thicker skin and muscle tissue. For instance, skin tightening during the final steps of the surgery is often more subtle for male patients in order to prevent excess skin tension. Men also have more fibrous fat than women, so liposuction on the neck and beneath the chin may take additional time to achieve adequate results.

Finally, neck lift surgery incisions are minimal and typically placed around and behind the ears, where the scar is easily hidden.

Physical Benefits of Male Neck Lift Surgery

The primary benefit for most patients in Plano and other areas of North Texas to undergo male neck lift surgery is enhancing the contour definition of the chin, jawline, and neck, which are cosmetic characteristics traditionally considered to be masculine. For instance, men typically develop loose, sagging skin around the neck and jawline as they age, adversely impacting facial definition. However, a neck lift procedure could remove excess skin and redefine chine, jawline, and neck contours for at least ten years after surgery.

In addition to reducing extra skin, neck lift surgery for men could remove excess fat that builds up along the neck by utilizing liposuction, which many patients take advantage of to reduce a double chin appearance. This operation could tighten and reposition the underlying muscle tissue that has become looser with age, further improving contour definition. By doing so, a neck lift reduces the appearance of muscle banding on the neck or a “turkey neck” appearance from loose muscles and worsening skin laxity.

Beyond the physical benefits of neck lift, many male patients have considerably better self-confidence after their operation, which can also improve their relationships, mood, and quality of life.

Schedule a Male Neck Lift Consultation in Dallas

More men are seeking out plastic surgery for various physical enhancements, including contouring their chin, neck, and jawline with a male neck lift in our Dallas office. This operation is the best long-term solution for correcting extra fat, loose skin, and weak neck muscles that contribute to the declining definition of your lower face and neck.

This surgery uses tailored techniques to ensure that patients have masculine, yet natural-looking results and minimal visible scarring that disrupts hair growth. If you want to hear more about how this procedure could benefit your appearance, both in general and specific to your neck, get in touch with our highly skilled team for a consultation.

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