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Cheek Augmentation in Dallas and Southlake

Cheek Augmentation in Dallas and Southlake

Facial bone structure can impact our perceived attractiveness, overall facial symmetry, and facial balance. Cheek augmentations, in particular, can enhance the bone structure of our face by creating definition and angles in the cheek area, leading to a chiseled facial structure.

We offer non-surgical cheek fillers for temporarily enhancing your cheekbones, ideal for patients who wish to enhance their cheeks and facial structure in a way that people will notice. For more information about getting your cheek augmentation in Dallas, Plano, or Southlake, meet with our Med Spa team to discuss your treatment.

JUVÉDERM and Restylane as Cheek Fillers

Injectable cheek fillers are a temporary but non-surgical treatment to enhance facial definition by increasing volume to the cheek area. In a matter of minutes, you can achieve restored volume and definition in the sides of your face without any major downtime required. Cheek fillers are generally popular among our Dallas clients because they are a very straightforward procedure, do not require any major downtime, and are fairly low-maintenance. We can customize your procedure to give you a subtle, natural-looking enhancement, using either JUVÉDERM or Restylane.

Are Cheek Fillers Permanent?

The results of these cheek fillers are only temporary – patients will need touch-ups every six to twelve months, depending on the type of fillers chosen and your own individual health. Dermal fillers also have the potential to migrate underneath your skin. However, the finesse of a trained injector can ensure the chances of this occurring are low.

Reversing the Signs of Aging

Not only does cheek augmentation in Plano and Southlake enhance the balance and symmetry of the face, it can also help fade away the most common signs of aging, including:

  • Deepening nasolabial folds and other folds around the cheek area
  • Sagging jowls
  • Hollowed out cheeks and other signs of lost volume
  • Hollowed out and sagging of the under-eye area

Cheek augmentation treatments can also help restore the youthfulness and fullness to the face which so many of our patients are seeking.

Contact Us Today To Book Your Appointment For Cheek Augmentation in Dallas and Plano

Cheek augmentation is a viable solution to enhance facial symmetry, balance, and harmony for adult patients of all ages. This procedure can be used to enhance the facial area for patients who wish to reverse the signs of aging, to add definition and angularity to their faces, to boost their attractiveness, or to restore your appearance after experiencing a facial trauma.

Please call and speak with our team about setting up an initial consultation for a non-surgical cheek augmentation in Dallas and Plano.

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