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Rhinoplasty Techniques in Fort Worth

Rhinoplasty Techniques in Fort Worth

Patients typically want a rhinoplasty for one of two things: either to improve their cosmetic appearance or to improve their breathing. Rhinoplasty is one of the few truly functional operations we do in aesthetic surgery, not only because can we improve the way you look, but because we can also improve your quality of life.

Come visit us to learn about the many rhinoplasty techniques in Fort Worth and how we can give you the nose of your dreams.

How We Conduct a Rhinoplasty

When you are considering rhinoplasty, we need to know exactly what your goals are and what we are starting with. The nose is the central part of the face: every time we look in the mirror or take a photo, it is going to be the star of the show. We want your nose to look better, not to look like it has been operated on.

During your consultation for a rhinoplasty, we will discuss your wish pictures, what your goals are for your nose, and what we think we can achieve. We want to make sure the final result is consistent with the rest of the features of the face. The best way to do this is with three-dimensional imaging, so you can see the potential change in your nose ahead of time. You should not have any lingering questions when we go into the operating room. We want to build a plan and execute it perfectly.

We use a general anesthetic in our office so you are totally asleep and comfortable for the surgery. Once you are sound asleep, we numb the area for the incisions. Then we lift up the skin and fat from the underlying cartilaginous and bony structure of the nose. Our surgeons will reshape that structure and re-drape the skin, trimming any excess as needed, and add some splints to hold it together.

Improved Aesthetics With Rhinoplasty

From an aesthetics standpoint, there are many different things we can modify about your nose. During your consultation, let us know if you are interested in:

  • Removing any humps
  • Building up a “low” bridge
  • Bringing the nostrils in or out
  • Eliminating areas on the inside of your nose that are caving in
  • Raising the tip or bringing it closer to the face
  • Making your nose narrower, wider, or more pointy
  • Correcting a crooked nose
  • Improving the columella area if it is hanging, long, or deficient

Our goal is for you to be comfortable and happy with your appearance—and we can utilize any number of the above techniques in order to achieve it.

How Your Breathing Is Improved

There are three big ways rhinoplasty can enhance the way you breathe. First, by straightening the nose and septum specifically, we can improve the air flow by opening the nasal passages on the side that the septum is bent toward and closing off.

Second, the external nasal valve sometimes has weak cartilage. When you take a big breath, that cartilage collapses, pinching off the airway. We can open it to help with breathing.

Third, we can bolster the internal nasal valve with some additional cartilaginous support, which helps while you are asleep. The procedure also modifies the turbinates, which help with airflow on the inside and can pinch off that internal nasal valve. We can open that internal check point and improve your breathing.

Septoplasty To Improve Breathing

A septoplasty involves fixing just the septum—the central part of the nose—and not the rest of the nasal framework or structure. This might be useful for someone who has a deviation in the septum and the breathing problems that result from it. This deviation could be genetic or a result of physical trauma.

Talk to Us About the Various Rhinoplasty Techniques in Fort Worth

Rhinoplasty surgery is based on doing two things: altering the underlying bony and cartilaginous structure to give the nose a completely different shape; and modifying the skin envelope to fit that new cartilaginous and bony structure. There are multiple techniques that can accomplish this, so schedule a consultation in our Fort Worth in-office surgical facility. We look forward to meeting you!

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