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Incentive Spirometer Use After Plastic Surgery

An incentive spirometer is a medical device that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand – but it has powerful benefits! It helps clear your lungs by eliminating mucus and other fluids, and can also improve lung strength and breathing quality with regular usage.

It is good practice to use an incentive spirometer as directed by your plastic surgery team during your recovery from certain plastic surgery procedures. This will help to reduce your chances of lung complications, such as:

  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Bronchospasm
  • Worsening of existing lung conditions

When you practice consistent use, this device can help you develop longer, deeper breathing, which is ideal for strong lung capacity.

How To Use the Incentive Spirometer

The objective of the incentive spirometer procedure is to breathe in from the device and successfully hold your breath at the set goal level.

Prior to use, we will set the incentive spirometer level for you. All you have to do is sit on the edge of your bed and place the handheld device in your mouth to inhale deeply.

As you inhale, the bevel will move to the top of the device, closer to the goal level. Once you hit it, you want to hold your breath for five seconds (or as directed by our medical team). Then, exhale slowly and allow the bevel to return to the bottom. Once this is complete, you can relax and repeat the process ten times per hour.

While this is a general outline of the procedure, we may advise certain patients to use an incentive spirometer differently. It is imperative that you listen to our medical team’s instructions so you can confirm you are getting the most out of this device.

A Simple Task that Can Drastically Reduce the Risk of Lung Complications

Though the incentive spirometer only takes a few minutes of your day, it can help reduce the long-term risk of lung complications following your surgery by:

  • Improving lung ventilation: the amount of air that enters your lungs when you breathe in and how much air is exhaled when you breathe out
  • Clearing any remaining anesthesia from your lungs
  • Loosening and eliminating mucus
  • Clearing other fluids that may lead to lung concerns, such as pneumonia

Each of these benefits is achieved with regular, deep breathing techniques assisted by your incentive spirometer, so it is important that you follow this routine for as long as our team recommends!

Our Plastic Surgery Team Will Help You Protect Your Lung Function After a Procedure

North Texas Plastic Surgery is committed to providing our patients with the best medical service and care. We do not stop monitoring you the moment the procedure ends – we are committed to your full recovery every step of the way!

Our team offers a suite of life-changing cosmetic and medical plastic surgery treatments for our patients, and will share our thoughts on using an incentive spirometer to prevent issues with your lungs as you recover. Schedule a consultation with us and learn what you can expect in your cosmetic makeover!

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