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Daddy Do-Over in Dallas

Daddy Do-Over in Dallas

Though men do not experience the same physical changes as a woman does when she experiences pregnancy, many men find their bodies changing after childbirth due to lifestyle changes. For instance, common struggles for new parents include finding the time to exercise, eating a healthy diet, and getting adequate sleep. As a result, many men have some notable physical changes, including gaining weight and worsening signs of aging.

The best option for restoring your appearance from various changes after having a child is a daddy do-over in Dallas, a similar process to a mommy makeover. Since the treatment approach and combination of procedures is unique to each patient, a consultation is the first step. Consult with one of our experienced plastic surgeons to discuss the specific plastic surgery procedures for men that are best suited for your personalized course of treatment.

What Procedures Could Daddy Do-Over Surgery Include?

Like a mommy makeover, daddy do-over surgery is a single operation that combines multiple surgical procedures to make several cosmetic improvements. For example, the process is a routine choice for surgical body contouring, so some of the most common procedures included are liposuction, tummy tuck, and gynecomastia surgery. Daddy do-over patients in Southlake often choose the surgeries to eliminate stubborn body fat and loose excess skin from the abdomen, chest, as well as the waist, where the goal is to create a tight athletic V-shape.

For others, fat grafting techniques may be included if a patient has substantial volume loss leading to a sagging appearance, particularly in the chest, shoulders, or buttocks. Many men will undergo abdominal etching to emphasize their six-packs, pectoralis contouring and reshaping, and augmentation of the deltoids or buttocks.

In addition to body-shaping procedures, daddy do-over surgery typically includes facial plastic surgery for various concerns, including aging signs. The most popular facial procedures for a daddy do-over include facelift and neck lift surgery to minimize wrinkles, lines, and skin folds. In addition, many patients include rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, ear surgery, or brow lift to rejuvenate their facial appearance.

Advantages of Daddy-Do Over Surgery

Due to the highly personalized approach for daddy do-over surgery, the recovery time varies between patients in the Plano region, depending on the specific procedures included. However, the typical recovery time length for most patients is eight weeks when tummy tuck surgery is included, as that is the most extensive procedure. A notable advantage of undergoing daddy do-over surgery rather than standalone procedures is a single recovery period, rather than several.

Though there are risks and side effects to consider, a daddy do-over poses fewer medical risks and costs, including fewer instances of exposure to general anesthesia. Despite this, the procedures use the same surgical techniques, so patients will have similar scarring afterward that they would have after any individual operation. Since cosmetic changes are performed simultaneously, the results are often more natural-looking, balanced, and proportional than standalone surgeries.

Call North Texas Plastic Surgery for a Daddy-Do Over in Dallas

Despite men facing significantly fewer physical changes due to the birth of their child, they still often see changes in their figure and skin health from lifestyle changes that come with it. For instance, sleep reductions, stress, and poor diet after birth could lead to increased body fat and more prominent aging signs, which often negatively impact their self-confidence. Instead, you could consider the notable physical enhancements that are possible with the various procedures included in a daddy do-over in Dallas.

In addition to surgical procedures, this package can include non-invasive treatments, including dermal fillers and Botox, to further enhance the surgical results. To determine the best-suited procedures for your daddy do-over operation, a consultation with our highly skilled team is required to discuss cosmetic goals and your medical history. Call North Texas Plastic Surgery to schedule an assessment to talk more about the right procedures for restoring your figure and facial appearance.

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