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Male Facelift in Dallas

Male Facelift in Dallas

Due to the bone structure differences in the face between men and women, men are more likely to develop deeper, more severe wrinkles on their face as they age. Further, men have larger eye sockets, resulting in less bone support around the eyes, and increasing the likelihood of developing a hallow appearance underneath the eyes. As a result, many men seek out a male facelift in Dallas, which considers these physical differences when minimizing signs of aging.

In addition, since male plastic surgery patients often want a different final result than female patients, the surgical approach often differs slightly from the more well-known techniques. Get in touch with our skilled facial plastic surgeons for a male facelift consultation to learn about the differences in surgical techniques, final results, and additional benefits of surgery.

What is Different About Facelift Surgery for Men?

The basics of a male facelift procedure are the same as a female facelift, but the distinct anatomy differences make specific approaches better suited for male patients. Specifically, men have thicker, heavier skin and underlying muscle tissue, in addition to more fibrous facial fat than females. Subsequently, liposuction to remove excess fat may be more challenging, though still possible, and skin tightening is more restrained to prevent an overly tight appearance.

During male facelift surgery for patients in Plano and the surrounding area, a vital consideration is enhancing facial contours to look more defined and chiseled to create a masculine facial appearance. The approach for facial fat redistribution after liposuction has removed extra fat typically differs for male facelift patients to ensure masculine contours afterward. Additionally, when the plastic surgeon tightens the remaining skin over enhanced facial contours, there is more emphasis on defining the chin, jawline, and neck for male patients.

Another consideration for male patients is to ensure facial hair growth and the hairline are not disrupted by incisions from the procedure. Our Board-certified plastic surgeon strategically places these incisions in areas that avoid damaging hair follicles, such as around and behind the ear.

Common Reasons Why Men Consider Facelift Surgery

Many men in North Texas cities like Southlake consider facelift surgery to minimize moderate and severe signs of aging, especially because men are more prone to skin laxity and excess fat in the lower face and neck. Since a facelift focuses on the mid-face, lower face, and neck, the procedure is an excellent option for correcting these concerns for up to ten years. Furthermore, due to the long-lasting nature of the results, the low-maintenance care to maintain results is ideal for many plastic surgery patients.

Notable benefits for many male patients who get a facelift are the natural-looking results of surgery and discrete scarring afterward. Though more men are turning to plastic surgery, many patients prefer keeping the process private. Therefore, the minimally visible scarring and more subtle, yet long-lasting skin tightening for facelift surgery is ideal for most patients.

Ask Our Experienced Team About Getting Male Facelift Surgery in Dallas

The increasing number of men undergoing a facelift decide to get this surgery to reduce aging signs for longer-lasting results and specific cosmetic considerations. Just like with female patients, this surgery aims to rejuvenate the skin, neck, and facial contours; but also ensures final results that are more masculine with defining facial features.

In addition to the physical benefits of a facelift, male patients in Dallas have improved confidence in their appearance and themselves, resulting in an overall improvement in quality of life. If you are considering the long-term benefits of facelift surgery, contact our office for a consultation with our elite plastic surgery team.

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