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Breast Surgery in Dallas

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations can increase the size and volume of your breasts through implants.

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Fat Transfer

An alternative to implants – a fat transfer takes your own fat cells and augments the breast accordingly.

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Breast Lift

Raise sagging breasts up on your chest with a surgical breast lift.

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Breast Reduction

If your breasts are too large, or you wish to remove implants, consult with us about getting a reduction surgery.

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As a woman, your breasts are not simply another aspect of your appearance but an integral part of your femininity that can significantly affect your self-image. If your breasts are too small, too large or misshapen, it can impact the clothes you wear, your confidence in social interactions, and the way you feel about yourself.

Dr. Sacha Obaid is an experienced, Harvard-trained breast surgeon who appreciates the critical link between your self-image and your body image. During your initial consultation, he will work to understand your specific concerns and goals. He will explain your options, answer your questions and show you exactly what you can expect from your procedure using advanced 3D imaging based on your own photographs. If you are interested in undergoing breast surgery and live in Dallas, Plano, or Southlake, do not hesitate to reach out to North Texas Plastic Surgery today.

Why Consider Breast Surgery?

Breast procedures provide several cosmetic enhancements, which is the most popular reason for surgery and includes improving breast contours, volume, and shape. Further, breast surgery could restore the breasts from changes due to aging, pregnancy, and previous medical treatments. However, the procedures provide additional cosmetic, physical, and mental benefits for many breast surgery patients in Dallas.

For instance, breast surgery could reduce more prominent breasts that cause back, neck, or shoulder pain which can interfere with work, exercise, and a daily routine. In addition, breast surgery could allow patients more freedom with wardrobe choices, especially since body proportions improve with surgery.

Lastly, many women report increased confidence and self-esteem after breast surgery from both cosmetic enhancements and more physical freedom. Patients often note improvements in body image after surgical alteration.

Types of Breast Surgery Procedures We Offer in Dallas, Plano, and Southlake

Genetics, aging, pregnancy, and extreme weight changes can all affect the appearance of your breasts. Dr. Obaid can address your individual needs with several surgical breast procedures, including:

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular breast procedure, typically with saline or silicone implants to increase breast size and alter the shape. These implants look natural and can last for years. Alternatively, if there is a concern that the body might reject the implants, we can perform a fat transfer to the breast by using excess body fat from areas such as the abdomen or hips.

Breast Reduction

The additional weight from more prominent breasts results in chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain for many women, limiting their physical functioning. In that case, the best choice for relieving pain is breast reduction surgery. The procedure removes excess breast tissue and reshapes the remaining tissue into a patient’s ideal breast size.

Breast Lift

Breast sagging is typical after pregnancy and with advancing age, but may occur due to the weight of naturally large breasts from stretching the skin. A mastopexy raises the breasts to a youthful position by removing excess, stretched skin and tightening the breast tissue. In addition, the surgery could reduce the size of areolas that may have stretched due to sagging.

Breast Implant Revision or Removal

After augmentation, breast implant revision or removal surgery is necessary to prevent or correct cosmetic and medical complications. For instance, hardened scar tissue may alter breast implant shape and position, so corrective surgery is needed to restore the breasts. In addition, breast revision or removal surgery allows patients to choose alternative implant shapes or sizes, or even return to their natural breast size.

If you are looking for a truly comprehensive solution to recapturing your pre-pregnancy figure, you may consider choosing a mommy makeover. More than just a single treatment, a mommy makeover comprises a combination of procedures designed to complement each other and rejuvenate multiple problem areas that result from pregnancy.

Safety During Breast Surgery

As with everything we do, your safety is our top priority. All of our procedures are performed on-site at our in-office surgical facility. From the moment you enter our comfortable facility, you will be welcomed and treated by the same friendly faces you have seen throughout your previous visits to North Texas Plastic Surgery. Dr. Obaid and his talented staff work diligently to ensure our patients in the Dallas and Plano area have a comfortable, safe, and ultimately rewarding experience.

Contact Us to Discuss Breast Surgery at Our Dallas Office

Cosmetic breast surgery is excellent for enhancing, reducing, and rejuvenating your breasts with implants or fat tissue transfers. Though the procedures require a few weeks of recovery, patients report higher self-esteem and confidence, and you will be able to enjoy the results for many years afterward.

Our skilled medical team has helped numerous patients achieve their goals through breast surgery in Dallas. To schedule your free, personal consultation at North Texas Plastic Surgery, contact us today.

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    “Plastic Surgery”
    I love North Texas Plastic Surgery, I’ve done several procedures and I’m super happy with the results, Tammy is professional and really listen to your needs. I was referred by my sister and now I referred my best friend too. They are always innovative and can’t wait to see what’s the new procedure they offer. I recommend 100%
    “Breast Augmentation”
    My experience was professional and personable! They did so well answering all my questions and informing me about everything. I got a breast augmentation and got exactly what I was looking for! I’m so happy I went with Dr. Obaid! I felt so comfortable and in the right hands. If I ever decide to get other plastic surgeries I will definitely going back to him!!!
    “Brazilian Butt Lift”
    Dr. Obaid has very good bedside manner, he put me so at ease the times I saw him. We even had a laugh before my procedure (I should have been nervous, but surprisingly I wasn't). I explained to him what I expected and he gave me his honest opinion about how it could be met. The staff was so welcoming and seem to be actually interested in your procedure as...
    “Lip Fillers”
    Onna Feutcher, is extremely professional and personable. I was afraid to do my lip fillers with someone else or other places who claim to be “professionals”, and even scarier that i was offered this procedure at a dentist office. when I came to Oceana Med Spa at North Texas Plastic surgery Onna understood my concerns, agreed with what I asked her to do not to mention she’s BBA; RN; Injector,...
    “Breast Augmentation”
    Dr. Anderson did such an amazing job. I had a breast augmentation with a lift and am completely satisfied with the results. From the very beginning Dr. Anderson and the NTPS staff was very nice and professional. They answered any questions I had and helped me get the results I was looking for. I would definitely recommend Dr. Anderson!
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    Real patient posing breast augmentation 
    Real patient posing breast augmentation 
    Real patient posing breast augmentation 
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