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Sientra Breast Implants in Dallas

Sientra® is the American distributor of Silimed silicone implants, which are manufactured in Brazil. Silimed offers both round and shaped implants in the product line, so women have choices that work for them. If you have any questions about the Sientra breast implants we offer in Dallas, Plano, and Southlake, reach out to us today. We can help you understand the benefits of breast augmentation surgery with these implants.

Fast Facts About Sientra and Silimed

  • Silimed has been making breast implants since 1978.
  • Silimed is the world’s third leading supplier of breast implants.
  • Sientra has been providing breast implants to American plastic surgeons since 2012.

Silicone “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

Sientra’s high-strength cohesive (HSC) silicone breast implants are often referred to as “gummy bear implants” due to their unique gel texture. They’re also called “form-stable” or “highly cohesive implants.” All of these terms refer to the fact that the implant is filled with a gel that holds its shape very well.

In fact, gummy bear silicone implants are filled with the strongest cohesive gel available. In spite of their high strength, gummy bear implants still have a soft and natural look and feel.

They are available in two different shapes: round and teardrop. Each shape has a range of options in terms of volume, profile, and projection.

HSC Implants

This line of breast implants features Sientra’s round implant filled with HSC silicone gel. What’s great about round implants? They provide a fuller upper bust line with a breast shape that’s more dramatic in terms of outward projection from the chest wall. Round implants give a similar level of projection both above and below the nipple line.

HSC round implants are available with three different levels of projection:

  • Low – Low-projection implants have a wider diameter and less outward projection, with a maximum volume of 700cc.
  • Moderate plus – Moderate-plus implants have mid-range diameter and projection and maximum volume of 695cc.
  • High – High-projection implants have less diameter but create a bust line with more upper fullness. They have a maximum volume of 565cc.

Round HSC implants have both smooth and textured options. The textured variety is called TRUE Texture™. This textured implant shell is designed to reduce the risk of implant slippage and capsular contracture.

HSC+ Implants

Sientra’s HSC+ implants are filled with HSC silicone gel and are teardrop-shaped rather than round. This shape gives the breast a more natural silhouette, with more fullness below the nipple. HSC+ implants are specifically designed to look and feel like natural breasts, and thanks to the unique gummy bear gel, they have a good balance of softness and shape retention.

HSC+ teardrop implants are available in three different base shapes: round, oval, and classic. Each of these also has projection options with different maximum volumes. Most HSC+ implants are TRUE Texture implants.


  • Moderate-plus projection: 695cc (smooth texture)
  • High projection: 425cc
  • High projection: 565cc (smooth texture)


  • Low projection: 500cc
  • Moderate projection: 700cc
  • High projection: 550cc


  • Moderate projection: 450cc

The round base gives the breast more upper fullness and projection than the other two options, while the classic shape offers the least amount of fullness and projection. The oval-shaped option provides a moderate amount of fullness and projection. All three of these options have the teardrop form that provides more fullness below the nipple line than above it, which gives the bust line a more natural look.

Sientra Capsular Contracture Care Program

Capsular contracture is a condition that can affect people who receive breast implants or other artificial implants. It develops because the immune system reacts to the implant and causes collagen fibers to overgrow and squeeze the breast implant out of shape. The risk of this happening is about 6% for women who have implants placed for the first time.

As part of Sientra’s “CapCon” program, first-time breast implant patients are eligible to have their implants replaced at no cost if they have diagnosed with Stage III or IV capsular contracture within two years of the procedure.

Schedule a Consultation in Dallas to Discuss the Sientra Breast Implants

North Texas Plastic Surgery prides itself on being a safe and comfortable place to make your body-image dreams a reality. If that includes the Sientra breast implants in Dallas, we can help you find exactly the profile and size that are right for you. Call today for a consultation in the Dallas or Forth Worth areas.

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