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Crisalix 3d Simulation

Crisalix 3d Simulation

Powerful 3D Technology: Crisalix 3D Glasses at North Texas Plastic Surgery

Have you ever thought about having cosmetic surgery but are uncertain about how you’ll look afterward? Leave your worries in the past! Using advanced 3D technology from Crisalix , North Plastic Surgery offers you the ability to virtually see your breast or face surgery results through 3D glasses at our office or see your results of surgical breast enhancement virtually at home.

Crisalix has developed 3D glasses that can provide you with the information you need. Thanks to North Texas Plastic Surgery’s strong commitment to adopting advanced technology as it becomes available, Crisalix 3D glasses are here in our offices in Dallas, Southlake, and Plano.

You can also use the Crisalix home-system to view 3D representations of your breast surgery results conveniently from home! Currently available only for breast surgery procedures at North Texas Plastic Surgery, the Crisalix home-system allows you to securely upload pictures from home and preview your results through your own Crisalix account.

Want to see your NEW YOU before the procedure?

powered by Crisalix

Ever Wonder How You Could Look After a Cosmetic Procedure? Welcome to Crisalix

North Texas Plastic Surgery is delighted to offer you an innovative way to envision the results of your breast shaping surgeries and facial procedures. The first Web-based 3D simulation app for plastic surgery, Crisalix lets us take your regular photos and turn them into 3D simulations that can give you an idea of your results. Visualize your changes before they actually happen and walk away feeling confident that you made the best decision for your body.

How Does Crisalix Work?

During your consultation, our plastic surgeon will take 3 pictures of you: front facing, left side, and right side. These images will be uploaded to the Crisalix application and it will create a 3D image that shows your body from multiple angles. You can then ask the surgeon to put the specifics of your procedure into the system and let you preview your results, right on your own body.

How Does the Crisalix At-Home System Work?

More than ever, patients desire the ability to do more from the comfort of their homes. Fortunately, Crisalix technology is now accessible at home. To view a 3D representation of your cosmetic breast surgery results from home, simply:

  • Take three photographs of your torso area with a mobile phone or digital camera.
  • Securely upload your images to your Crisalix account.
  • See the simulated results of your breast surgery for free by signing in to your Crisalix account.

The Crisalix home system also provides the only “before and after” 3D community with whom you can anonymously share your simulation and get feedback from fellow patients.  Dr. Obaid and the staff at North Texas Plastic Surgery will help you every step of the way. We are committed to doing everything possible to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your care.

Confront Your Concerns Head-On

For some people, plastic surgery is a dream that makes them anxious. It’s not because they’re worried about the surgery itself, the cost, or the recovery period, but because they’re unsure how they’ll look once the surgery is complete. They want to change their appearance in some way, but they’re being held back by the idea that the changes might not be exactly what they were expecting.

Innovations by Crisalix have made some big changes in how people envision the results of their plastic surgery procedures. Crisalix designed the very first Web-based 3D simulation app, which allows doctors to turn ordinary photographs into 3D images. This way, you can see how your new body will look, and you can feel confident about your body decisions.

3D Technology Is Available to You!

Crisalix has also designed an amazing new piece of virtual reality gear: 3D glasses that, together with Crisalix software, make it possible for a woman to see how breast implants will look on her own body. We don’t mean on a computer screen; you can see your results on your own body as well.

When you wear the Crisalix 3D glasses, you’re stepping into a dressing room, where you can “try on” a new pair of breasts just like you try on clothing. You can even try on different shapes and sizes, to see which you like best.

How Does It Work?

The technology used to design these 3D glasses is the same as that used to design Oculus Rift, the wearable 3D device created by Oculus VR and Samsung. The tech includes a headset worn by the user, a sensor tool, and software that creates the virtual environment.

Using this technology is very simple. First, our plastic surgeon uses the sensor tool to scan your body. The software uses this information when creating the 3D virtual environment. You put on the headset and are able to look at yourself and at 3D images of different angles of your body. With the help of the virtual reality program, you can see what your new breasts will look like.

Our doctors are able to input different data specifications, so you can look at different breast shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose exactly how you want your results to look.

The Most Accurate Consultation You’ll Ever Have

With this technology available to you, there’s no need to worry about how you’ll look after having breast implants because you’ll know for sure even before the surgery. With Crisalix 3D glasses and at-home service, you don’t have to make any guesses about how different breast shapes and sizes will look on your body because you’ll be able to see exactly how they look, in real time, on your own body.

This incredible technology allows women to feel more confident than ever before about the breast implant choices they make. And just as important, it means that every woman has a completely realistic idea of what the results of their surgery will be.

If you are holding onto concerns about the results of breast implant surgery, call North Texas Plastic Surgery today at (972) 636-4902. Dr. Obaid can help you use this amazing new Crisalix 3D system, giving you the confidence to know that you’re making the right choice for your body. We proudly provide quality plastic surgery services to those who live in and near Dallas, Southlake, and Plano, Texas.

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Real patient posing breast augmentation 
Real patient posing breast augmentation 
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