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Brow Lift in Dallas and Plano


When we age the eye brows tend to decent below their youthful position (at the level of the orbital bone for men and just above it in women). In addition, the shape of the eye brow tends to change from an arch that peak above the outside of the iris to a flat line. Another sign of aging, is the deep wrinkles and folds in the forehead both horizontally and vertically. Forehead lift (Browlift) procedure is a surgical operation designed to correct all these signs of ageing and restore the youthful aesthetic look of this important area of the face.  Our pedigree trained, board certified plastic surgeons, specialized in facial aesthetic surgery will help navigate the best techniques that designed for your need to achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated look of your forehead and eyebrows.

Example of some concerns that forehead lift (browlift) surgery can treat:

  • Descended eyebrows , in extreme cases might impaired the patient’s vision
  • Achieve aesthetically pleasing shape by arching the eye brows to the outside
  • Prominent and deep forehead folds
  • Long forehead and disproportional upper face to middle and lower face

Why Should a Patient Consider a Brow Lift?

When the eye brows descend from their ideal position, this can cause a tired or a sad look. In addition, due to the sagginess of the forehead skin deep and prominent folds start to appear and the forehead losses it smooth youthful look. Brow lift surgery also change and enhance the shape of the eye brows and restore or create a beautiful arch that peak to the outside at a point above the outside of the iris .

Early in the development of these wrinkles, BOTOX® Cosmetic can be injected to weaken this muscle and decrease wrinkle formation. Once these wrinkles are more developed and deep, however, BOTOX® alone will not be an effective treatment. The only treatment at this point is to have facial surgery for the brows. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the brow lift in Dallas.

Are There Different Types of Brow Lifts?

There are three main types of brow lifts. The first is called a hairline brow lift and is performed though an incision placed at the front of the hairline. This lift is best used for patients that have very prominent foreheads and significant excess skin with deep wrinkles. It should not be performed in patients with very low hairlines, small foreheads, or a receding hairline.

The second type is called a coronal brow lift and involves an incision that is placed in the hair bearing portion of the scalp. The scar is camouflaged by the hair. It is best used for patients with significant excess skin and deep wrinkles that have shorter foreheads or in those that have receding hairlines.

The third type of brow lift is an endoscopic brow lift. It is performed through three small incisions within the hair bearing skin. The scars are shorter than with other methods of lifting the brow. It is best used for patients with mild to moderate forehead wrinkles. It is the only option for patients that with significant hair loss from balding.

Can My Brow Lift be Performed at the Same Time as Other Surgeries?

Dr. Obaid often combines the brow lift procedure with eyelid surgery and or a facelift depending upon what you need.

Will I Look “Natural”?

It is very important to achieve natural result in all plastic surgery procedures. In eyebrows lift surgery, achieving aesthetically pleasing and symmetric eyebrows without the “overdone” look is the goal. The incisions for the surgery – depending on the techniques – will be hidden in the hair bearing areas of the scalps or in the upper eyelid natural crease.

Are There Minimally Invasive Ways to Lift the Brow?

Our board-certified plastic surgeon has extensive experience with endoscopic brow lifts. An endoscopic brow lift is performed through three small incisions that are hidden in the hair. A camera is then inserted into the forehead that is used to guide two small instruments that are used to free the brows to allow them to be lifted. Because the incisions are smaller, they are much more easily disguised and the recovery process can be easier.

What is the Recovery from Forehead Lift Surgery?

Typically forehead (brow lift) procedure is outpatient procedure, the surgery itself takes about 2 hours. Typically these procedures will be done under general anesthesia for patient safety and optimum outcome. Minimal bruising and swelling are expected and will subside in the next few days after the surgery. Pain is minimum and usually is controlled with prescribed pain medications. The patient is expected to resume normal daily activities after full recovery from anesthesia and to be fully recovered from the surgery at 3 weeks with no activity restrictions at that point. Stiches (if non dissolvable sutures are used) will be removed at two weeks after the surgery.

Talk to Our Surgeon in Dallas About Whether the Brow Lift is Right for You?

During your free consultation at our office in Southlake or Plano, our plastic surgeon will discuss all of the brow lift options in Dallas with you. He will then design the operation that is perfect for YOU! If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, call today for an appointment at our Dallas-area office.

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