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Male Cheek Surgery in Dallas

Male Cheek Surgery in Dallas

One of the telltale signs of aging for every individual is losing volume in the cheeks as you get older. However, some people do not see a decline in facial fat in their 20s and 30s, making them feel that their cheeks are too prominent for their face. If you want long-lasting correction for either concern, the most effective option is cosmetic surgery, but the ideal results for men and women typically differ.

Therefore, the best-suited procedure for men who want to reduce or augment their cheeks while maintaining masculine features is male cheek surgery in Dallas. The operation ensures natural-looking results while maintaining masculine facial features with specific techniques to accommodate anatomical differences. We have experience in providing plastic surgery for men, so schedule a consultation in our Dallas, Plano, Southlake, or Fort Worth office to discuss a reduction or augmentation procedure in detail with one of our highly skilled plastic surgeons.

Approach to Cheek Augmentation Surgery for Men

When an individual has substantial volume loss in the cheeks, it results in visible skin laxity, wrinkles, and a sunken appearance to the mid-face. For correcting this concern permanently, the approach for a man in Southlake is to get a cheek augmentation with implants. The operation places solid silicone implants within the cheeks to increase their size and definition to create masculine contours.

Alternatively, men who consider their cheeks to be too prominent, due to facial fat not declining with age, the operation could remove excess fat. In many cases, the additional volume is due to naturally large buccal fat pads within the cheeks, so the procedure surgically removes or reduces the pads in order to provide a better look on the outside.

One of the primary anatomical differences between men and women is that men have thicker facial skin due to more testosterone in the body, resulting in tougher skin. As a result, facial wrinkles, skin folds, and skin laxity on the cheeks due to volume loss are typically more severe for them, making men’s cheeks more complicated to correct. Thus, cheek augmentation for men in the Plano area usually results in fewer changes to the skin, including less retightening, in order to prevent excess tension from creating abnormally tight skin.

Physical Benefits and Additional Perks of Cheek Surgery for Men

The obvious benefit of either approach for cheek surgery is creating the ideal volume to the cheeks, whether smaller or larger. However, the surgery could also rejuvenate a patient’s face by minimizing wrinkles on the midface. Further, it often reestablishes more masculine, defined facial contours that may have been less apparent due to sagging skin.

Whether patients in Dallas are looking at an augmentation or reduction approach for a male cheek enhancement procedure, it aims to rebalance the proportions with other features. Your face could appear more symmetrical after surgery, and thus perceived as more attractive by others, which may improve personal relationships.

In addition to the physical improvements, patients experience significant emotional benefits afterward and tend to feel considerably more confident due to the cosmetic improvements.

Ask More During a Male Cheek Surgery Consultation in Plano

The size and shape of your cheeks significantly influence the overall balance and symmetry on your face. Therefore, when men lose a notable amount of volume or gain too much volume in the cheeks, they may feel that their appearance is less masculine. The best long-term option for creating more definition is male cheek surgery in Dallas, which considers the anatomical difference of each patient.

Whether you consider your cheeks too voluminous or lacking in size and definition, cheek surgery in could have long-lasting physical and emotional benefits for men. Contact one of our offices for a consultation to discuss the unique aspects of male facial features and how the operation could benefit you.

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