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Med Spa Treatments in Fort Worth

Med Spa Treatments in Fort Worth

Even if you have not made up your mind about plastic surgery, getting a med spa treatment in Fort Worth can make huge improvements to your face, your body, and your self-confidence. North Texas Plastic Surgery’s Med Spa offers a wide variety of non-surgical treatments performed by our staff of registered nurses and specialists. We prioritize your comfort and safety, so you can be sure you are in experienced, capable hands.

What is a Non-Surgical Med Spa Treatment?

Med Spas combine cutting-edge medical procedures with luxurious day spa settings. The procedures do not involve any surgery, so there are no incisions, no overnight stays, and no lengthy recovery. Though med spas are under the supervision of a medical doctor and aesthetician, specifically trained registered nurses and clinicians will usually perform the treatments. The purpose is also to commit fully to hair and skin improvements.

Med spas offer treatments for facial and body contouring, improvement in skin texture, and other procedures that help you look and feel healthy and self-confident. Because the treatments are non-surgical, the cost is lower, and the recovery is shorter and easier than surgical procedures. Our number one priority is your comfort and your safety during these treatments.

However, non-surgical treatments may not produce the same results as plastic surgery, so if you are unsure how to achieve your desired results, consult with one of our staff. We can offer suggestions and help you explore your options.

What Are Some of the Most Popular Med Spa Treatments in Fort Worth?

North Texas Plastic Surgery Med Spa offers a wide assortment of non-surgical treatments that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our specialists will discuss step-by-step what the treatment entails and the results you can expect afterward. We will be glad to answer all your questions, including recovery time, cost of the procedure, and how long the results will last.

The most common reasons that our satisfied patients in Fort Worth and elsewhere in North Texas seek out a med spa is to remove wrinkles and other lines on the face, freshen up the complexion, volumize the skin, reduce the level of fat on the face, and regain a youthful skin texture.

Hair Restoration

Many people do not think of hair restoration when they consider a med spa. But as we age, hair loss begins, not only to men but to women as well. We recommend the PRP hair restoration process to regain that youthful hair that you are losing. You may also take advantage of the ARTAS iX robotic hair restoration technology which provides long-lasting and scarless hair transplants from your own body.


We offer a variety of injectable cosmetic treatments at our Fort Worth med spa. Each injectable works a bit differently, so depending on your desired results, there is sure to be one that is right for you. Our elite medical team can work with you to determine the right treatment. For example,

Botox and Dysport are neurotoxins that work on the muscles that cause wrinkles and lines, usually on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth. Botox may also be very effective for treating underarm sweating or migraines. We also offer Juvederm, which comes in a couple different varieties, and is used to correct wrinkles, volume loss, and deep lines by filling the area with a gel-like substance. Kybella, similarly, is used to contour the area below the chin.


Microneedling works by creating mini-injuries to the targeted areas to encourage the skin’s natural healing process, which helps to rebuild collagen and elastin in the skin. This treatment, along with microdermabrasion, is used for skin discoloration, fine lines, and blemishes.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels use acids to exfoliate the skin, exposing fresh, new skin cells. They can help with pore size reduction, minimizing fine lines, and uneven pigment or age spots. We offer several types of peels using high-quality medical-grade products, so check with our specialists to see which type is right for you.

Laser Treatments

Our Fort Worth-based med spa offers several different types of laser treatments, from Lumenis lasers to Cutera lasers, and even spider vein treatments.

Come Visit Us at Our Med Spa in Fort Worth

At the North Texas Plastic Surgery Med Spa in Fort Worth, we have all the non-surgical treatments to make you look as good as you feel. Our professional, caring staff will answer your questions, make sure you are safe and comfortable, and provide the best service available. Contact us today in any of our four convenient locations to set up your consultation.

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