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Microneedling in Fort Worth

Microneedling in Fort Worth

Microneedling in Fort Worth has never been simpler! Whether you are seeking skin rejuvenation alternatives, are trying to cope with aging, or are looking for treatments for skin diseases, there is a solution for you.

At North Texas Plastic Surgery, our skilled Med spa team has the experience to help you resolve fine lines, skin blemishes, and large pores. Read on to learn more about how microneedling works and if it might be a good choice for you at one of our other offices in Dallas, Plano, Southlake, or Frisco.

What is SkinPen Microneedling?

The Skin Pen device has a number of very tiny needles. These needles are used to poke very small holes in the skin causing the skin to be inflamed. This inflammation stimulates the body to form new collagen causing the skin to be tighter, pore size to be reduced and a healthy glow to the skin.

The Microneedling Procedure

When you come into our Fort Worth office for a microneedling treatment, we will start by cleaning the surface of your skin before administering an anesthetic to numb the skin. Then, we will use the SkinPen which has a row of tiny needles that uniformly punctures the dermis as it moves over the surface of your skin. Once the procedure is complete, we will apply calming creams or serums to moisturize, repair, and shield your skin.

The controlled injuries from microneedling trigger your body to react as though it has been wounded, forcing it to initiate the healing process, creating collagen and elastin fibers. Your body will produce new collagen to repair the wounds after remodeling the existing collagen in the treated region, which quickly firms up the area. Collagen is a crucial protein that gives your skin a youthful appearance and a firm, smooth, and flexible texture by providing the underlying structural support system for the skin.

But it gets better: microneedling also helps enhance the delivery of drugs and treatments across the skin barrier! This means that gels, serums, or creams that you apply after the procedure will penetrate even deeper into your skin.

Benefits of Microneedling

Studies indicate that microneedling is a secure and efficient method for treating wrinkles, scars, and skin aging. There is less risk of skin discoloration with microneedling than with other facial rejuvenation procedures that use heat, light, or lasers, making it more suitable for those with darker skin tones.

Risks and Side Effects of Microneedling

Microneedling in Fort Worth is a safe procedure with minor side effects, such as bruising, redness, and skin peeling following your procedure, but these side effects should disappear within a few days. Skin infection is a rare but treatable side effect. We do not recommend microneedling for those with active skin infections, acne, keloid scarring, or an unstable skin type.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma consists of plasma (the liquid portion of blood) and platelets which are type of blood cell that plays a key role in healing of the body. PRP is created from your own blood and can be delivered into the dermis (the underside of the skin) when combined with microneedling. Adding PRP to your microneedling procedure will stimulate even more collagen and elastin production, further tightening the skin.

RadioFrequency Assisted Microneedling (Morpheus 8)

The ultimate form of microneedling is RF Microneedling with the Morpheus device. In this procedure, once the tiny needles enter the skin, radiofrequency is used to heat the skin to 160 degrees. This causes even more inflammation than microneedling alone. The net result is significant skin retraction and collagen and elastin formation.

Preparation and Recovery

Before you proceed with microneedling, you should have a consultation with a member of our team to make sure you are a suitable candidate. You will need to disclose any relevant medical information, such as prior use of blood thinners, as these medications can worsen the bleeding after the operation. If you have frequent cold sores, may prescribe antiviral medication to help prevent a breakout

It is important that you show up for your scheduled follow-up appointments. We will use these visits to monitor your progress and intervene in the case of any infections.

Schedule an Appointment for Microneedling in Fort Worth Today

Microneedling is a simple and reliable procedure that helps improve the condition and appearance of your skin. If you are interested in learning more, our experienced medical professionals at North Texas Plastic Surgery are here to help. Contact us to set up a consultation or learn more about microneedling in Fort Worth.

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