Maximize Your Beauty Sleep with These 19 Overnight Hacks

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By Sacha Obaid

After a long, hard day all you want to do is climb into bed and go to sleep. There are certain things you must do to keep up your appearance, however. This doesn’t mean you need to stay up until midnight primping and prepping for tomorrow. There are some simple beauty hacks you can do at night that only take a few minutes.

You can get perfect hair waves overnight by priming your hair with Living Proof Perfect Hair Day. First, divide your hair into two to four sections. Then use your hands to twist those sections away from your face into a bun. In the morning you will have glossy waves without spending a fortune in the salon.

After getting your nails done you understand the risks of smudging them or falling asleep only to wake up to creases in them. You can prevent this by wearing nail caps. These are mainly created for removing nail polish; however, you can protect your perfect nails by wearing them!

If your lips tend to dry out, try slathering on a treatment such as the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask before you go to sleep.

Read on for more some simple, overnight beauty hacks.

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