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clock-icon   November 16, 2023

Post-Op Support for Breast Augmentation

At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we are committed to ensuring your surgical recovery experience is pleasant and comfortable. Here we will discuss some of the procedures we have set up to help patients recover smoothly from their breast surgery.

For patients who are undergoing a breast augmentation or breast lift, you will be required to use a special surgical bra following your procedure, which our medical team will provide. This bra is designed to support your breasts while you recover and heal.

What Is a Surgical Bra?

A surgical bra is similar to a normal bra, except it is designed to be extra supportive for patients who have recently undergone breast surgery. We can give it to you before your surgery and you will be expected to leave your surgery with your surgical bra on. Perfectly designed for someone who may be experiencing soreness or swelling, it will clasp in the middle and is easy to put on and off. You can even also ask one of our consultants to provide a second one if needed!

Some patients will also be provided with a Velcro bandeau bra to put pressure on the implants, help them stay in place, and settle faster. And it’s easy to use! You simply wrap the fabric around your breasts and use the Velcro adhesive to hold the bra in place. It should be nice and snug, so enough pressure exists.

Applying an ice pack should also help with any bruising. The pack should be placed across your chest, but not directly on your incisions or stitches. You should alternate leaving the pack on for 20 minutes and taking it off for 20 minutes.

Monitoring Your Post-Op Progress

We will be available every step of the way. To monitor your progress, we may ask you to take weekly photos of how the breast implants are settling and how the incisions are healing and send them to our medical team. With these photos, we will be able to monitor your recovery and let you know when you are ready to transition out of your surgical bra and into a normal bra.

Transitioning Into a Normal Bra Following Your Breast Surgery

When you are cleared to transition into a normal bra, we will give you guidelines on what type of bra you can wear. You will be required to avoid bras with underwire for six weeks since the wire may aggravate the breast implants or stitches. We recommend bras that are soft and zip-up or clasp in the front, and you should not choose a bra which will cause any tension or aggravate your stitches. Our medical team can provide recommendations on which bras may be suitable for your needs.

We Are Committed to Post-Op Support After Your Breast Augmentation

Our team of highly trained plastic surgeons are skilled in the art of breast surgery. We will help you restore your breasts to give you the perky silhouette of your dreams – and a key component of that is the post-op support you receive.

For more information about the post-op support involved with a breast surgery – or a surgery of any kind – please call us and schedule an initial consultation.

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Real patient posing breast augmentation 
Real patient posing breast augmentation 
Real patient posing breast augmentation 
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