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clock-icon   May 31, 2023

Will a Tummy Tuck Prevent Me From Having Children?

A tummy tuck to address excess fat around the abdomen area—also known as abdominoplasty—is one of the most popular procedures at North Texas Plastic Surgery. Sometimes, this unwanted fat does not respond to diet or exercise, no matter how hard you try. A tummy tuck, especially when performed by one of our highly trained body sculpting surgeons, can transform your midsection, making it look slim, trim, and toned.

If I Get a Tummy Tuck, Will I Put My Future Pregnancies at Risk?

Women who are planning to grow their family may naturally be concerned or anxious about the effects a tummy tuck might have on any future pregnancy. You may be wondering if a tummy tuck will prevent you from becoming pregnant or delivering to term. While our plastic surgeons typically recommend a tummy tuck for women who have finished growing their family, getting one before then will not prevent you from having children in the future.

The tummy tuck procedure does not increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. Women who become pregnant following their tummy tuck are just as likely to carry a healthy baby to term as women who have never had this procedure.

Can I Maintain My Tummy Tuck Results After Getting Pregnant?

Many of our clients have confided that their biggest concern about getting pregnant is the potential negative effect it could have on their tummy tuck results. They worry their pregnancy may undo the results of the procedure—as well as waste their hard-earned dollars—because a pregnancy may require them to have subsequent revision procedures in the future.

While many women need surgical revision after a pregnancy to restore the results of their original tummy tuck procedure, there are some for whom this is not necessary. With the weight gain and abdominal stretching that typically occurs during a pregnancy, you could possibly undo your previous tummy tuck results. However, it is important to emphasize we can perform another tummy tuck even after a pregnancy so you can achieve that perfect waistline. In fact, you may even be able to get back to your ideal figure with just a strong diet and exercise regimen.

Consult With Us if You Are Considering Having a Child After a Tummy Tuck

When you are pregnant or thinking about growing your family following your tummy tuck procedure, we can advise you on how to minimize the effects of your pregnancy on the results of an abdominoplasty. While we often recommend you have all your children before choosing to get plastic surgery in the belly area, having children afterward is always possible, as well. Pregnancy will not prevent you from having another abdominoplasty in the future.

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