Learn How Our New BodyTite Machine Will Transform Your Liposuction Procedure


VIDEO TRANSCRIPTS: I want to tell you guys about an exciting new development in liposuction. The most common question I get at consultation before liposuction procedure is – what’s going to happen to all of the skin after you suck the fat out? Is it going to be left loose? The truth is up until now we’ve done our best as plastic surgeons just making educated guesses as to what the skin’s going to look like but in truth we don’t really have any control over it, until now. With our new fabulous BodyTite machine we’re actually able to tighten the skin at the same time as we’re doing liposuction. So we’re talking about fat removal and skin tightening through a teeny tiny incision. So let’s talk about how the BodyTite does its magic. It’s a radiofrequency technology. We introduce this probe underneath the skin and it heats the underside of the skin here to 168 degrees. In the process, it causes the skin to shrivel down and the inflammation that it causes stimulates the body to form new collagen. So over 3-6 months your body forms new collagen in this layer underneath the skin causing the skin to contract down, look tighter, fresher, and rejuvenated. What’s really important is the control of this device. And that’s what sets it apart from other devices on the market. We’re not just randomly putting in heat here, we have two temperature probes: one temperature probe here and one temperature probe here, monitoring the skin from top and bottom. Now what we’re ensuring is we’re getting enough heat to go through the skin to make sure you get a great result from the treatment while at the same time making sure that we don’t put in too much energy to cause a problem. This is what separates the BodyTite from other laser technologies. This is a massive improvement in liposuction technology in terms of getting rid of not just fat but also tightening the skin. We’re proud to offer it here at North Texas Plastic Surgery. For more information about the BodyTite, check out our website NorthTexasPlasticSurgery.com. To see results, check out our Instagram @realdoctoro and follow our Snapchat @therealdoctoro to watch us do it live.

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