North Texas Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Procedure


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: [Music Playing] We’ve got a patient here who had a rhinoplasty done somewhere else, and I want to show you what we’re going to do today. We’re going to be taking down this hump that she has here. We’re going to making this tip smaller and lifting it up. She also has what we call a reverse c-shaped deformity to the nose and what happens is the middle of her nose bends in the middle towards her left side here and totally blocks up her nasal passages. So, we’re going to be opening up her breathing at the same time. [Music playing]

What you can see here is we’ve lifted up the skin and the fat of the nose, and then you see the lower lateral cartilage and these golden arches that make up the tip of the nose. On the inside of that, you see the nasal septum which separates the two sides of the nose, and then the upper lateral cartilages which form the two side walls of the nose. We’re going to start taking down the bump of the nose, and we’re going to take these scissors and cut the extra cartilage here that’s causing the bump. [Music playing]

We’re going to take out this big piece of cartilage from the middle that’s blocking up her airway. [Music playing] We’ve taken out the extra cartilage that’s making up the lower half of the bone which you can see she still has a big bump up here. That’s from the bone itself, so we’re going to use this rasp to file it down just like you would file your nails to make that smaller as well. Alright. So, I’ve taken down the top. I’ve opened up the breathing passages. I’ve straightened the nose out. Now, I’m taking the tip, and I’ve made it a lot more refined, so it comes to a nice point. This way it will be much smaller at the tip than what it was beforehand. Now we’ll close it up and start breaking the bones to refine the width. [Music playing]

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