Selecting The Right Implant Profile


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: We’ve got two different sizers in. This side is a high profile and this side is an ultra high profile. Now, I want to show you guys the difference. What you’re going to notice, the ultra high tends to stick a little further away from her chest but it’s also narrower through here. So as we’re trying to select which one we’re going to want to use for her, we’re going to want to make sure that we got enough fullness in here to get great cleavage but not so wide in implant that we’re actually sticking out to the side here. In her case, I think the ultra high is going to give a better shape. I want to talk to you guys a little about profile selection with the implants. I’ve drawn two separate breasts here and what I want to show you is in this first breast if we use a high profile implant that implant is going to be a nice shape, it’s going to give us nice cleavage coming all the way to the center part of the breast and hugging the lateral portion of the breast or the side of the breast. Perfect size and shape here. If the second breast is a little bit narrower, now when I put that high profile in, what you’re going to notice is that the edges of the implant are actually wider than the breast. If you select this profile on this narrower breast you’re going to end up with uni-boob and a ton of side boob, we don’t like that. Conversely, with an ultra high profile implant here, we match the width of the breast perfectly so you’ll have fantastic cleavage, no side boob, and no uni-boob. That’s the perfect size for this breast. Now, we’ve tried that ultra high profile sizer on a breast that’s wider than the implant. The problem with this is you’re going to have a massive space between the breasts, or what I like to call the refund gap. It’s going to look extremely unnatural. So all of that being said, profile selection is all about matching the width of the implant to the width of the breast. If you match it perfectly you’ll have great cleavage in the center without the breast implant sticking out to the side. If you mess it up you can end up with this big gap between the middle or implants that are too close together or too far out to the sides.

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