Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Why might a woman choose vaginal rejuvenation surgery?

The most common reason a woman chooses vaginal rejuvenation surgery is to treat labia minora excess, but the labia minora is not the only area that can be treated with vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Other areas that can be treated include:

  • Labia majora excess
  • Fat loss of labia majora or mons
  • Excess fat of the mons
  • Excess clitoral hood skin

What is a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess labia minora skin that hangs below the labia majora. Beyond the obvious cosmetic benefits, it can also be performed to help correct asymmetry that develops during puberty, wherein one labia is significantly larger than others. Finally, labiaplasty can also provide functional benefits, as some women with labia minora excess complain of:

  • Pinching with walking or sitting
  • Pushing in of the labia during sexual intercourse
  • Chafing during sports

What about labia majora reduction?

With massive weight loss, the labia can become deflated, and the skin can appear to be in excess. This can be treated either by a surgical removal of the extra labia majora skin or filling and plumping of the labia majora with fat grafting.

What is a clitoral hood reduction?

The clitoral hood is the layer of skin that overlies the clitoris. In some women, this skin can be excessive, leading the clitoris to be covered. This extra skin can be removed via a clitoral hood reduction, which can improve appearance and potentially sexual satisfaction.


Why would a woman want to inject fat into the vaginal region?

Occasionally, with severe weight loss, the labia majora develops a deflated look, with the appearance of loose, flabby skin in the area. This can be corrected by performing liposuction to remove unwanted fat from another part of the body and then injecting that fat into the area of the labia majora and mons to plump the area.

Are there different types of labiaplasty procedures?

The two most commonly performed labiaplasty procedures are the edge trim and the wedge resection. Dr. Obaid and Dr. Ver Halen perform both vaginal rejuvenation procedures, depending upon a patient’s individual needs.

Are patients happy after labiaplasty?

A recent study of over 400 cases showed that 93% of women who undergo labiaplasty report an improvement in self-esteem.

Are women opting for labiaplasty to please others or themselves?

Another study of 131 labial reductions showed that 93.1% of women sought to have this surgery performed only for their own personal satisfaction.

Is labial reduction or labiaplasty safe?

Labial reduction surgery is an extremely safe outpatient procedure that is one of the fastest-growing procedures performed by plastic surgeons nationwide.

Will vaginal rejuvenation hurt? What is the recovery like?

Dr. Ver Halen and Dr. Obaid perform labiaplasty with the patient completely asleep to ensure they are perfectly comfortable. Patients are able to return home the same day. They may return to work within four to five days. Patients can return to the gym for cardio work at three weeks and return to the gym for weight training and yoga at six weeks. Full sexual activity can usually resume without restriction by six weeks.

Why would I need vaginal rejuvenation after weight loss?

As a result of extreme weight loss, the fat in the labia majora thins out, causing the appearance of loose skin and the loss of a soft, young look. This can often be fixed by performing liposuction to remove unwanted fat somewhere else on the body and transferring that fat into the labia and the mons pubis.


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