19 Beauty Tips That’ll Transform Your Routine

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By Sacha Obaid

Twitter is a great resource for finding some of the latest beauty tips. Here are 19 of the most tweeted tips about beauty secrets. For instance, B vitamins can help if you have brittle nails. You can minimize your gaping pores by using a foundation with reflecting ingredients. Silk sleeping caps, shower caps, and rollers help your hair maintain moisture. A good pre-shampoo treatment is hair oil. If you swipe a peach/nude lipstick over your eyelids, you can achieve a semi-glossy look on your lids. Pre-treat your hair by using hair oil before you shampoo. Wear sunscreen every day with proper SPF protection on your hair and jawline, as these spots are very susceptible to skin cancer and wrinkles later on in life. Make sure you dress up your brows appropriately; you don’t want to look surprised all the time if you remove too much on the bottom. People will wonder what’s so shocking! If you use bobby pins in your hair, make sure you put the bumpy side against your scalp to help keep it from falling out of place. Always apply hair products to the back of your head first; the front of your head only needs about half as much as the back. Read on to discover more!

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